Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

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Neither party is perfect, but Republicans in Congress have been drifting towards political extremism since long before Trump, and they’re making it impossible for Congress to work the way it’s supposed to.

Over the past few decades, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have moved away from the center. But the Republican Party has moved towards the extreme much more quickly -- a trend that political scientists’ call “asymmetrical polarization.”

That asymmetry poses a major obstacle in American politics. As Republicans have become more ideological, they’ve also become less willing to work with Democrats: filibustering Democratic legislation, refusing to consider Democratic appointees, and even shutting down the government in order to force Democrats to give in to their demands.

Democrats have responded in turn, becoming more obstructionist as Republican demands become more extreme.

And that’s made it really easy for media outlets to blame “both sides” for political gridlock. As political scientists Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein explain in their book “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks,” journalists feel a pressure to remain neutral when covering big political fights. So politics coverage has been dominated by the myth that both parties are equally to blame for the gridlock in DC.

But they’re not. And the only way to stop Republicans in Congress from continuing their drift towards the extreme is to be brutally honest about who’s responsible for breaking our politics.

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pov: you're scrolling through the comments looking for wars between democrats and republicans

Author — Tam Mat


Admit it. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Author — Anthony Ammirati


George Washington about to revive himself and roast the entire country because he said two parties would destroy everything

Author — Michael Rahaman


we should've listened to George Washington, he said that political parties would divide America and look where we are now

EDIT: i did not mean one party only, that would be extremely controlling and make our political climate even worse. what i mean is that i think that political parties have divided america and that instead of two parties that each pick a candidate all the people running for president should run independently. this is for many reasons
1. voting for a person not a party ( ex : people who vote republican no matter who the candidate is )
2. not getting stuck in a one or the other situation ( ex : “settle for biden” if you don’t want trump in office you have to “settle for biden” because if you vote on an independent or really small party you are basically throwing away your vote because only republicans and democrats win )
and i’m sure i’m forgetting some other good reasons but those are the main ones, hope this clarifies some things ☺️🇺🇸

Author — Annie Ryan


And the media wonder why people prefer to get their news from late night comedians.

Author — funghazi


Admit it, the country is not so “united”

Author — Kayden Chan


Politics has become a toxic multiplayer match

Author — GG M8


Admit it: Theodore Roosevelt was an absolute badass

Author — Tophatcat


*Democrats came for the video, Republicans came for the comments.*

Author — JosiahXsims819


Admit it: We wish news stations actually said what happened, not bend it because politics.

Author — Jimmy Kimmel But blackface


Admit it. There is an unhealthy combination of politics and entertainment.

Author — Anthony Piperi


“A House divided on oneself cannot stand.”- Abraham Lincoln

Author — Karina Geraci


Country over party, people. Country over party.

Author — Sharnae Pegues


I can’t wait for the comments section to be full of reasonable debate and people willing to listen to other viewpoints

Author — Dankk Mann96


America’s politics, sadly, is f**ked up. Very sad.

Author — Prince Off Duty


Admit it. You’re thinking of a comment that starts with “admit it.”

Author — MrCarrotJTY


Don’t waste your time looking for arguments guys, no real republican would watch something from Vox.
Edit: Republican Gamers would never watch vox, i seemed to have confused some people

Author — Logan


Don't mind me, I'm just here to see people argue on the internet

Author — CallMeAWeeb


Admit it. You came here for the comments.

Author — KGbreadsticks


I don't care about American politics but it's funny how the United States is falling apart by itself.

Author — Pinguin