Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

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Neither party is perfect, but Republicans in Congress have been drifting towards political extremism since long before Trump, and they’re making it impossible for Congress to work the way it’s supposed to.

Over the past few decades, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have moved away from the center. But the Republican Party has moved towards the extreme much more quickly -- a trend that political scientists’ call “asymmetrical polarization.”

That asymmetry poses a major obstacle in American politics. As Republicans have become more ideological, they’ve also become less willing to work with Democrats: filibustering Democratic legislation, refusing to consider Democratic appointees, and even shutting down the government in order to force Democrats to give in to their demands.

Democrats have responded in turn, becoming more obstructionist as Republican demands become more extreme.

And that’s made it really easy for media outlets to blame “both sides” for political gridlock. As political scientists Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein explain in their book “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks,” journalists feel a pressure to remain neutral when covering big political fights. So politics coverage has been dominated by the myth that both parties are equally to blame for the gridlock in DC.

But they’re not. And the only way to stop Republicans in Congress from continuing their drift towards the extreme is to be brutally honest about who’s responsible for breaking our politics.

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Admit it, every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes

Author — I'm mad


admit it, you came for the angry comments but only found 'admit it' memes

Author — Stuff Explainer


Admit it: George Washington was right when he said that there shouldn’t be two political parties.

Author — Noah Hardway Vlogs


Admit it. Some of you are non American, and come here only to see the chaos. Instead, you get admit it memes

Author — Kang Vladi


How to find war in this video:

1. Go to comments
2. Sort by “Newest First”
3. You will find Democrats vs Republicans

Thank me later

Author — 无私生命之书


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Author — griffie liedtke


You can't define a center in politics.
Also, how can you put Obama and Truman any they same level when so much has changed!?

Author — Professor Know It All


pov: you're scrolling through the comments looking for wars between democrats and republicans

Author — Tam Mat


Admit it. You came here after watching freedomtoons.



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I feel like there would be a lot less political unrest if the media didn't fuel it

Author — Special-Effects-404


admit it: you're sick of these admit it comments.

Author — Can't think of a name


I didn't even watch this video yet just paused and scrolled down to the the comments lol

Author — Jada Crawfish


Admit it: You were told to sort by Newest first for chaos but only I am here

Author — Rock


Admit it. You came here because of The Debunkers

Author — Joseph Stalin


George Washington about to revive himself and roast the entire country because he said two parties would destroy everything

Author — Michael Rahaman


Ok I admit it these comments kinda wanna make me overdose on ketamine

Author — Just a Deer In a Toilet


Admit it: your not evening watching the vid and are only here for comments

Author — Suzanne Warhola


No wonder America is so politically divided, the media helps it.

Author — Talented YouTuber


Was here for the angry comments and ended up finding memes
‘’Came here looking for copper and found gold’’

Author — Mr Mc Fluffed