Analysis: Exclusive footage from the scene of US raid that killed Baghdadi

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US president says al-Baghdadi killed himself by exploding a suicide vest during US operation in Syria's Idlib.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who led the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) for the last five years, was long thought to be hiding somewhere along the Iraq-Syria border.
Al Jazeera's correspondent Alaa Eddine Youssef was one of the first journalists to reach the scene of the raid.

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gotta like the open concept . notice how the living room flows with the dining room. it just works

Author — jmack619


Bombarding Al-Baghdadi by the borders of Turkey, coincidence? No, I think not; it was all staged to make Turkey look as both the founder & CEO of ISIS. We all know that ISIS is both a by-product and joint product of the US, Israel, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.
I think this act from the US is of political expediency (on the part of Trump ofc); the US election is nigh so he needs to propagate for his cause.

Author — Hanif Choukrani


House? No power or water? No furniture or appliances? No bedding or personal items?
Even in rubble there shud be some house hold debris... sure this wasn't a bunker?

Author — Obverse Singularity


Now the US/CIA will create an new "terrorist" ... Possibly Al Irani or Al Tehrani..???

Author — omska ticket


It’s sucks being the number 1 and number 3 guys in these organizations, they are the ones that always get wacked. Number 2 seems to be the best spot 🤣😂

Author — blue diamond gem


this CIA/MOSSAD agent is now on holiday in tel aviv.
the CIA will create another alqeada or ISIS person to justify the US and EUROPE wars for oil!!

Author — iut port


But people want to see the body Bruh, even though we know Elections is on the way

Author — abdirahman yaya


This is like call of duty he keeps getting killed then re- spawns. Available on PS4?

Author — mansh ali


Trump said it was "like watching a movie." Those are code words for "don't believe one word I am saying."

Author — anastasia2657


That wasn’t an ambush, that was judgment day.

Author — Franz Huber


*This is what happens when you put the enemy on a retainer. They die once a month, every month.*

Author — Doosha Khaboosha


the US gonna dump "Al Baghdadi" body into the ocean just like Osama & Megatron in the Transformer movie? What a joke.

Author — AngryZombie808


Before American Noble goes to donald trunk😂😂😂😂😂

Author — M. Rasidul


That’s it, if i want to demolish my house for free, I’m just gonna tell them Baghdadi is living there.

Author — That Iru


Good job US soliders... huge respects for ending this wicked snake
He is shame to islam

Author — rana md


Remember, Just before 2012 US elections Obama announced Osama is dead and then he won.
Now Trump is doing the same. It's all a game. Show the public the body don't just conveniently bury in the ocean.

Author — Mah FiFteen


Video game! Next: A new book & a Hollywood movie....
(Gr Britain Thu 31 Oct 2019 2054)

Author — Different Saturner


Silent shadows in complete darkness. Thank You Delta! Well Done!

Author — Matt Juba


Coming Soon: tv show/movie about this operation

Author — LINA SHAH


Jokes ones agian i don’t understand how people believe them

Author — kashi_ucb