Hurricane Dorian: number of dead rises

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Many have been killed and hundreds are missing in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian swept through, as the storm moves up toward eastern Canada.

Sky's US correspondent Amanda Walker and her team, are among the first journalists to reach High Rock, on the East Side of Grand Bahama - an area made almost inaccessible by the hurricane.

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“That’s your brother’s wheel chair”
“Yeah he’s missing”
My heart sank to my stomach

Author — everysamthing


I know this area very well. It was my playground every time I visited Grand Bahamas. I am devastated. Not only a beautiful place but the people who live there are fantastic, friendly, respectful. I was there after the last hurracain but nothing to compare with this one. I am heartbroken.

Author — marycarmen59


Oh dear, oh my, oh
The sight of the empty wheelchair amongst the rubble is simply heart-breaking. :(
Years of re-building ahead for the devastated region that was so

Author — Mark Dowse


Help them Lord in the Name of Jesus help them get out.

Author — Chocolate Gilford Gilford


It is 100% uninhabitable.
Weather Warfare is Genocide.



Im from st. Maarten and yesterday give us 2 years since irma devastated our island, i saw horrible damages but not like this this is even worst again, braking down concrete homes. When i saw pictures of the Bahamas i don't think it was just a hurricane. Praying for the survivers

Author — VinTaVge0592


May the peace of God be with these famies, in this time of grief! Heartbreaking.

Author — Nigerian Classic


Let's stop talking and start helping people if we all give a pound build there home's and give life back .

Author — #rockyshaunts #rockyshaunts


Some people just didn't have money or the resources to re-locate. There were handicapped and elderly people that could not leave.... I'm sure if everyone could have vacated that island....they would have left!

Author — Doris Earl [Tobler ES]


concrete building destroyed at 0:57 !!

Author — Essam Gndelee


I must say after watching many videos of bahamians talking about dead family members, they are brave and strong people

Author — Bad Weatherfreak


Where are the billionaires who donated millions to the Notre Dame Cathedral? This is real thing! Human being washed out by hurricane! Bahamas need financial help and our prayers ASAP!

Author — juliana Braga


Why are these storms always devastating poor countries?

Author — jahivah


With millions of people who can actually help but really dont. And thats sad. People who are millionaires look the other waybut yet yall still there supporting these celebrities ect. For what!? When we as a people act like we dont all bleed the same. God bless all

Author — Erica Reyes


Hopefully, "Foundation fund" wealth will actually help resurrect areas like these destroyed by hurricane Dorian.
There is an opportunity to help here, not profit off the destruction of these communities; just a thought. 🤔🙏

Author — Tom Terrific


My heart aches and tears running down when I watch videos in Youtube about Harricane Dorian in Bahamass....May GOD Bless everyone that Alive &Heal every heartbroken, Injured soul . PRAYERS &SUPPORT from your families here in the FIJI ISLAND

Author — salanieta ditokailagi


Looks like an artillery barrage aftermath

Author — Azreal Of the 1st legion


The Day of our Lord Jesus Christ –
Acts 2:20The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood,  before the great and notable day of the Lord come:
When the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood that is the sign Fourth Seal events have concluded to move forward to the single day events of the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Seals.
At the Fifth Sea, l they will say, ““Peace and safety" (1 Thess.5:3)
.At the Sixth Sea; the great and notable day, the day of Jesus Christ, is come.

Author — Patricia Burns


THIS IS SO DEVASTATING JUST TO WATCH. We cant complain after seeing this.

Author — GC Richard


Looks like Mother 🌎🌍🌍is going mad.
Thanks to HumanUNkind.

Author — PSA de Lachute