The First Real Images Of Saturn - What Have We Discovered?

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In 1969 the first man landed on the moon. To this day, manned space travel is not yet ready to look towards Mars or even other planets. But progress and technology, coupled with an indomitable thirst for knowledge, make it possible to explore the infinite vastness of the universe. Many years ago probes were built and sent out to collect data and information about our solar system. In the search for knowledge and possible life outside the earth, projects were created and the impossible made possible. Through measuring instruments and high-resolution cameras, astonishing knowledge about Saturn was collected during a 20-year mission.

Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, SpaceX, Wikipedia, Shutterstock, ...

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"first real images of Saturn" with a thumbnail of what looks like Titan, most probably explains the dislikes...

Author — Peace Dog


The thumbnail is of a rocky world and Saturn is a gas giant so it looks pretty click-baity to me.

Author — Malvakai P


Cassini revealed a lot of knowledge of Saturn to mankind. . through its mission.

Author — Sibi Jose


The probes took seven years to get to Saturn, sounds like they were sent my ‘my Hermes’ 😂

Author — Home from home With the Shackleton’s


After watching this, I'm packing my bags, I'm going inside Saturn. I mean I'm going to do laundry in my Saturn Outlook.

Author — George Happy


My goodness landing on the moon or any other planet would be so cold, creepy and lonely but so darn freaking awesome!!!! Can't imagine !!!

Author — redhot


it's rings are super beautiful. what a wonder..

Author — Gary Z


If euros and 99% chance of reaching the planet but no chance of getting back I would go in a heartbeat it's unimaginable what a trip that would be

Author — sam holland


Dude, I am 60 years old and we've been "looking toward" all the planets in our system even longer. Remember Galileo?

Author — Randall Anderson


WOW! It’s really amazing to hear all this. I guess i thought other planets wouldn’t have the same minerals, water, volcanos, ice like we have.

Author — Storm


I just can't imagine what it would be like being there in person.

Author — Derek Buxton


Narrator has a very a very pleasant voice. Titan is fascinating. A human there would not need a pressurized space suit.

Author — John Lee


I always wanted to go to Zegama beach on the outer rings of Saturn

Author — Anita Bonghit


I better see a pic of liquid like your thumbnail

Author — The True Independents


I truly enjoyed your a video thank you for sharing

Author — Lila B. Stevenson


I love that you left a large carving knife shape on the map of the scanned surfice, thumbs up if you see it?

Author — wayne parkinson


Nice, lets go visit Promethius! I dont think there is Ailiens there.

Author — PERCIAN


Thank You very much! Best regards, from Vienna/ EUROPE!🇦🇹🇩🇪🌹🤩🇺🇸🌏💋

Author — Eva Sykora


This channel is criminally underated!!

Author — CallMeMelon


Been In love with Space since 5 years of age Made my own Space ship Out if cardboard boxes And went to the moon With Apollo when they first went to the moon

Author — Wendy Boyd