In Srinagar, First Visuals of Another Large Protest Against Modi's 370 Move

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Last week, when Reuters reported a large protest had taken place in Soura, Srinagar against the Centre’s unilateral removal of Article 370, the Ministry of Home Affairs rushed to dismiss the news as “fabricated”. A few days later, the MHA changed tack. and admitted there had been a protest but said it was the handiwork of “miscreants”. On August 16, The Wire went back to Anchar near Soura to find out what local people have to say. This time, we came across a protest that seemed almost as large as the last one.Thousands of men, women and children had gathered to protest the Centre’s move.

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U can't win a heart with fear of bullet. They think that they freedom fighters and doing same as we did for our freedom from British forces. It's really sad 😢 and disturbing and clearly all the government are responsible for this situation. You may get land by force but not their hearts 💔

Author — Abhay Vishnoi


It reminds me of Israel -Palestine conflict. Kashmir is on verge to become new palestine.

Author — Rahul Kumar


The international press should be allowed
The opposition avoided is acceptable but why the press

It's clear things r not normal

Author — Boost Morale


I am kashmiri, n it has been more then 500 hrs i heard my mothers voice,

Respect for
#the wire

Author — Youtube Club


It's a scary thing to remove 370 and 35A it will effect the country tomorrow.... Justice Needed

Author — Ravish Kumar Fan Club


Behendchod government, unko jeene do aur apna kaam karo

Author — Super Lokar


When we suppress anything/anyody more than required it/they will erupt. This is law of nature.

Author — Diptibant -


Respect Salute Journalists like Mr Siddharat Vardarajan who hasn't compromised. .Kashmir is part of India and Kashmiris are Indians So Why are they caged and Why use Dreadful Pellets on Peaceful Protestor? Prayers for Kashmiris

Author — Dr.V.Poornima V


It's a bitter truth of Kashmir. Kashmiri people's want justice. Thanks The wire for showing truth of Kashmir. Modi Govt should understand that they can't win the Heart of Kashmiri people's with fear of bullets.
Modi Government spoiling the pride of India on the world level. Now the united nations should come forward to establish peace in kashmir.

Author — R K Shrivastaw


""We want freedom """
Hum kia chahaty""" #Azaadi""

Author — Abdullah


Kashmir aapka hi hain Kashmiri bhaiyo aur behno. Hamesha aapki hi rahegi♥️

Author — Krishanu Bord


Why do you call this Kashmir, and only show Srinagar Valley (just 10% of kashmir). What about Jammu and Ladhakh?

Author — Van Stud


Kashmir Kashmiriyon ka tha hai aur inshallah rahega yaa Allah kashmir ke logo ke haq mein behtar faisla utaare kashmir ke logo ki hifazat farma ameen

Author — suffi abbasi


Birth certificates of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are an apology letter from condom factories 😆 😆 😆

Author — King Uno


Also quint wire ndtv able to heartly

Author — Public Iq


Wake up, watch international news not godi media please

Author — Razi Ahmed


This is the truth. People are crying, not happy in Kashmir.... And bhakts are rejoicing.
You can not make them happy by using force.

Added later : And read thru the comments from BJP Trolls, they are full of abuses and negativity. They are not only destroying the country, they are also damaging the rich culture.

Author — Soumen Nath


70 yrs they could give their heart to India.. Despite spending huge amount on their welfare even more than pakistan annual gdp... ! Now India dont need your heart... You already showed that during Kashmir Pandit's execution in valley.. So thanks for that... Now Kashmir should be completely integrated to India.

Author — suraj more


This is what happens when you use force to corner people.

Author — Tanmay Chouhan


O who you have believed, there is always win win situation for you...Either victory or Martyrdom

Author — Muhammad Danish