On Camera, Speeding Car Skids Off Hyderabad Flyover, Crashes, Kills 1

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A car skids off a flyover and comes crashing down on the road below killing one and injuring six, in dramatic visuals that have emerged from Hyderabad. A woman, who was waiting for an autorickshaw with her daughter on the road, was killed in the accident.

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One mother and her daughter were killed, because of this speeding As*hole. India is full of rich mindless people

Author — S Ranga


The driver took the word 'FLYOVER' literally

Author — Dhananjay singh


If driver is alive bring him from hospital and throw again from that

Author — Rahul


They said we'll have flying cars in 2020. There you go!

Author — Random Channel


The driver was reckless, but look at the design of that flyover, the curve looks way too steep.

Author — Ramandeep Singh


Please Drive with in control... Nothing is important than your life & Your Family..🙏



Yeah Near my house... Please be careful while driving 🙏

Author — Imrana Begum


Its ok to go slow, others may tease u coward, dont bother, life is important not only ours and also others who come in road., my friends would always tease me, becoz i m going slow and following rules, i dont need to portray me as hero by riding fast, its better to be coward

Author — praveen pinacle


Now the driver says that he was driving at a speed of 50km/h ..🙄

Author — Rithima Rithi


It's my heartfelt appeal to everyone. Please consider roads a medium to reach from one point to another, not as a racing track or one's own property where one car needs to overtake another to rush somewhere. Please please please drive on the defensive, not on the offensive. Everyone is using the road to reach somewhere. Think of your safety and the safety of others, like us all commuters have families waiting at home. Don't wait for a passerby to take you to hospital, just drive on the defensive and avoid accidents. Don't consider roads the only medium to save time. Spend less time on phone and computer at home and work, spend less time getting ready, ensure adequate time to commute safely. We wait in hospitals, we wait for food at restaurants, we wait for the movie to start with multiple trailers, we wait in the line for bus and train tickets, we wait at airports for security check and check-in, we wait for our turn to pay obeisance at a temple and gurdwara. You can spend some time on the road too if that ensures the safety of everyone. Allow vehicles to pass, allow pedestrians to cross safely while minding the traffic behind you. Heartfelt appeal!!

Author — Claire J


Flyover design is improper. The side railing should be much higher to prevent cars from falling off.

Author — smodass


Engineers must take into account the 'idiot variable' while designing flyovers. It is obvious that there will be speeding drivers on the road.

Author — Desmond D'souza


Its driver's mistake, he over-speed in the curve, hence couldn't control!

Author — Joseph Louis


That girl at the end almost gets taken out Final Destination styles.

Author — JFomo


Don't worry Thanos.. People are doing it themselves..

Author — Aditya Ghule


Who steps on gas and overspeeds on a CURVE road??? This reckless guy deserves to die instead of that mother and child.

Author — Eversoris Gallant


Engineer didnt referred HC Verma (angle of banking) sums...

Author — Tanishq Kale


I go with this flyover everyday, it gives me goosebumps bumps 😔

Author — mohammed imran


Totally fault of car... Driving in high speed where as speed limit is 40 to 50 only.. Bcz of driver a woman died n other people injured

Author — Suraj Sharma


As seen from video, Improper banking of roads and driving in the wrong lane caused the accident. RIP souls. Please construct safe.🙏

Author — Nikhil Jaju