The end is near for 'News of the World'

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"News of the World," Britain's most widely read newspaper, is calling it quits after 168 years, following a phone hacking scandal which ignited public outrage. Elizabeth Palmer reports on the paper's dramatic fall from grace.

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the paper went bust today. over years too late.

Author — The Shitpost King


I Believe This Was A Video Clip Of CBS News' CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley's Report On The End Is Near For "News Of The World" On Thursday Evening, July 7, 2011.

Author — Erik Stone


the newspapers are a the coverage of greece on the news? nowhere, because it will scare the stock markets

Author — Turtlescream


HOW COME this isn`t a headline in fox news?fair and balance? i checked their website it ran an article about "news of the world" in 1 paragraphs i think, and it was even in the far corner of the business section?

Author — ieatnoodles888


Is this what it takes to make the right wing extremist tea bag partiers realize that Fox News is nothing but propaganda? How sick is Rupert Murdock to be hacking the phones of dead soldiers? Yep...real patriotic of Fox News.

Author — dannyd1572


repeat this !! we who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it !! everything the empire ( british and spanish) and soon the (vatican) will come to an end..but WE allow it !!! go back and do the right thing...grow food, share with others and take care of each other !!! be damned the politicians, they get their salary for life at our expense !!! but caution, thats exactly what they want to justify their

Author — a cast


I hope our US friends on here don't make this a left v right/Liberal v Conservative argument. In the UK, this has disgusted people across the political spectrum. Moreover, both Tony Blair and David Cameron have cosied up to Rupert Murdoch. I also doubt whether the Murdoch press are the only ones doing this. You should know that it looks like rival papers are not exactly smug or sanctimonious.

Author — cbak12sg