Chechnya: Republic Of Contrasts (RT Documentary)

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Russia’s Republic of Chechnya has undergone a revival after two military operations in its recent post-Soviet history. Today, the region is home one of the largest mosques in Europe, hosts international celebrities and even is trying its hand at high fashion. We explore this republic of contrasts to look at how the Chechen people have struck a balance between tradition and modernity.


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When Chechens converted to Islam about 200-300 years ago, they accepted the Sufism from Naqshbandiyya which came from Central Asia. It fit perfectly to their social structure since Chechen society didn't know any social hierarchies before the Russians conquered them. Today they are practicing a more radical and conservative Islam (Thanks to influence from Saudi Arabia). To me, this form of Islam is contradictory to Chechen culture, which is Caucasian. My opinion.

Author — na na


The Women Are Hot OMG How Gorgeous they look

Author — Alexander Roca


theres no McDonald thats why theres no fat woman

Author — M Noer


I think the fashion is pretty cool! Very elegant. I do love the colors too. Pretty!

Author — Amy C


Why people can't look at the positive side of things, and appreciate differences. Imagine how boring life would be if all people wore the same thing, eat the same thing and lived the same way. I really respect their culture and I think its beautiful even if I don't agree with everything.

Author — abdullah sagga


You’re going to hell for not believing in the real God all of you just believe in other man.!

Author — Francisco solis


Selam alejkum Čečeniji vor Bosnian....viva cecenya....

Author — Sell&Edo


Its alway good, Learning other cultures, traditions, languages and thank you, peace!!

Author — Gary Johnson


Thanks now I have to buy my wife those dresses lol thanks a lot

Author — Jafar Khan


Lots of love to Chechnya, from Canada.

Author — Daisy K


I love and adore the Caucasus 💪🏾💙 respect from Palestine 🇵🇸

Author — M. Milhem


At war time we always remembered republic of chechnya in ours prayers. May Allah keep Chechnya a strong stable prosperous and peaceful country.
Love from Pakistan.

Author — numan shah


MashAllah. May Allah Bless you Chechens <3

Author — AngelOne11


23:32 another brick in the wall -Pink Floyd

Author — Khairil Izhan Azizan


We should get motivated by not Saudi...from Chechen 😂

Author — AB Siddique


14:21 that is the most eastern european thing i have ever seen

Author — will Grello


oh my, those ladies are just beautiful

Author — Likanen Länsi


I have watched the russian war with this tiny nation. I realy impressed by bravry and fighting skills of chechen people. They are true warlike people.

Author — Iqbal Zubair


Proud to all of you, Chenchen brothers and sisters..love from Indonesia 😄

Author — FE R5


Lots of Love from Afghanistan to my Brothers and Sisters in Chechnya! <3

Author — shmo omhs