Chechnya: Republic Of Contrasts (RT Documentary)

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Russia’s Republic of Chechnya has undergone a revival after two military operations in its recent post-Soviet history. Today, the region is home one of the largest mosques in Europe, hosts international celebrities and even is trying its hand at high fashion. We explore this republic of contrasts to look at how the Chechen people have struck a balance between tradition and modernity.


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These Eastern European muslims are so pretty, it's like they took the prettiest girls from the entire Eastern Europe and put them in Chechnya, Dagestan etc

Author — Slow knife


I think the fashion is pretty cool! Very elegant. I do love the colors too. Pretty!

Author — Amy C


Not all of these adheres to the real islamic sharia.. a lot of culture and tradition mixed with Islam. A lot of the “strictness” and misogyny seen here has nothing to do with Islam

Author — Carolina Valencia


I m happy how Chechnya progress after brutalities war that massacres any Chechnya people. May Allah bless Chechnya 1000 years from Singapore 🇸🇬 Muslim

Author — Dr. Feels Good


They stuck in their middle ages' traditions, there is no way for growth and progress living by old laws. Also, they are "Russians" only as long they get Russians' money. Why nobody talks about who sponsors all those fancy buildings?

Author — S K


I am Serbian and this show me how we are more alike than different.

Author — Dejan Stankovic


Keep strength and honour, keep your families and tradition, fill your harts with mercy. Love and respect from Orthodox Christians of Serbia

Author — Raco Bizantino


I think its the imposition of the arab Culture, much like that seen in dubai . The chechans should have their own culture and their own religious beliefs

Author — Surendra India


i pray to god that turkey will never be like this this is actually very scary

Author — Devil Advocate


I liked the Chechens when I was in Russia. They often mistook me for one of them though

Author — Married To The KGB


As a Turk whose from this region, I realized how much tradition I lost living in the U.S. and the small nuances that comes with these traditions.

Author — Ozgyur


I have never seen such poise, grace, and natural beauty! You have accomplished what every woman aspires to achieve... Breathtaking beauty with pride, intelligence and respect for one's self and beliefs. BRAVO

Author — kc penney


When Chechens converted to Islam about 200-300 years ago, they accepted the Sufism from Naqshbandiyya which came from Central Asia. It fit perfectly to their social structure since Chechen society didn't know any social hierarchies before the Russians conquered them. Today they are practicing a more radical and conservative Islam (Thanks to influence from Saudi Arabia). To me, this form of Islam is contradictory to Chechen culture, which is Caucasian. My opinion.

Author — na na


Its alway good, Learning other cultures, traditions, languages and thank you, peace!!

Author — Gary Johnson


The most obvious visual sign that you are in a dictatorship is when enormous portraits of Dear Leader are plastered all over public spaces. Oh, and props to the totally-not-fake pop song with the lyrics "Praise Chechnya, Great Chechnya."

Author — J B


14:21 that is the most eastern european thing i have ever seen

Author — will Grello


That's cool and all but now talk about the oppression and kidnappings people are facing there

Author — August Kasemaa


Wow as if Islam is supposed to be some sort of strict intolerable religion. SubhanAllah ... the dryness human beings try to bring to a religion our prophet has beautified <3 May the people of Chechnya be freed from Wahhabis

Author — BenZ 1790


Lots of Love from Afghanistan to my Brothers and Sisters in Chechnya! <3

Author — shmo omhs


I have watched the russian war with this tiny nation. I realy impressed by bravry and fighting skills of chechen people. They are true warlike people.

Author — Iqbal Zubair