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In the US, the government's top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has sounded the alarm about the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Dr Fauci says the number of daily cases could more than double if the country fails to contain a surge in infections across several states.

The EU has opened its external borders to leisure and business travel today, but not to all countries. Coronavirus hotspots including the US and Russia were excluded from the so-called 'safe-list' of countries whose residents can enter the bloc. Australia, Japan and South Korea did make the cut, however. Chinese travellers can also enter, but only after China opens its own borders. It's a difficult summer for tourism-dependent businesses in Europe, with more EU residents staying close to home.

Authorities in northwestern Germany are preparing to ease the strict lockdown imposed in some districts after a COVID-19 outbreak flared at a meat processing factory there. People have been ordered to stay in their homes, and are banned from traveling anywhere. For many of those who've seen quarantine return, patience is wearing thin, but testing who is healthy and who is not is a major challenge.

Some of the other developments in the coronavirus pandemic.
The German state of Bavaria is to bring in universal testing for COVID-19. It's prompted a debate about whether the rest of Germany should follow suit or stick to targeted testing to prevent a possible second wave.

Coronavirus deaths will soon top 60,000 in Brazil, the worst-hit country after the US. The army has delivered protective supplies and medicines by helicopter to indigenous communities in the Amazon.They also began testing isolated indigenous communities for the coronavirus. On this visit, no one tested positive, but the pandemic is threatening to decimate hundreds of Amazon tribes. They have little immunity to external diseases and have a communal lifestyle that rules out social distancing.

Thailand has begun a fifth phase of relaxations of restrictions. Schools and high-risk entertainment venues such as bars and massage parlours have been allowed to re-open.
China has reported just three new cases of coronavirus compared to 19 the day before. All the new cases were in Beijing.

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Watching the USA from outside, it's sure is a full blown mad house. It's like everyday they got a circus going on. The showtime just never ends. They take recklessness and defiance to a whole new level!

Author — Jorvic Galvan


Crazy to mix politics with the virus. Lives are at stake.

Author — JY Teo


Don't worry everyone, my president says it's gonna disappear soon with the warm weather... any day now then lol

Author — Peter Hamburger


When other countries are getting better, us is getting worse, people need to be more responsible!

Author — jimdn lee


'Slow down testing, fewer cases'
That's like saying slow down pregnancy tests, fewer unwanted pregnancies.

Author — 2B06 Dior


People are playing with Corona in America, they should understand that Corona is not Basketball or baseball games

Author — samy Samy


you know it's bad when even republicans make sense about mask wearing

Author — Celeste


May those who are sick get well soon. Really hope not more get this virus. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Author — Shafip Please


Why are countries saying coronavirus is eliminated, it’s because of lockdown nothing else. It’ll be back as soon people travel and are social, freedom of movement etc. Don’t get me started on US madness.

Author — MadBrit26


Russia, Brazil and the US are still high risk nations to be taking in travellers for the EU>

Author — hkdiva2015


America govt still thinks the rest of the world united to form a conspiracy on coronavirus. This “greatest country in the world” mentality needs to stop and they just need to understand they’re just the same as the rest of the countries: vulnerable to any viral outbreaks.

Author — Reijiro Sato



Author — Tonya 1028


1:59 That republican senator urges Trump to occasionally wear mask. How about he ask Mike Pence to wear one too? Last month, Pence had official visit to hospital without wearing any mask, not long after that outbreak happened at WH. You might think hes wisen up and started wearing mask. But NO, he still refuses to wear it. WHAT A JOKE.

Author — array s


The US doing even worse than one of the poorest country in the world. How does it make you feel to be US of A citizen?😬

Author — philomena phanthagia


2021 Bumper Sticker: Coronavirus still around but whatever happened to the Trumps?🤔😁

Author — Dittzx


I don't understand why American refuses to wear mask, maintain social distancing and vaccination.

Author — John Koh


The virus is going to be going around like the cold almost everyone will have it soon if things don't change.

Author — ༺Is𐍉lคʇed༻


You need to press the wire in the face mask and form it arround your nose so it sits securely on your nose and close the gap between the mask and cheeks.

Author — Gea


What a mascot... Happy animals loving the slaughter house!!

Author — Shade Tree Wrenching


Make mask wearing mandatory in NYC and NYS for all in public. Save NEW YORKERS!

Author — Lopez Popez