Covid-19: Hospitals face 'pressure' as coronavirus cases rise πŸ”΄ @BBC News live - BBC

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Hospitals in the south of England say they have seen a "real rise in pressure" as the number of Covid patients receiving treatment increases.

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Klaus schwab approves. The great reset is going well. Fear mongering and gas lighting continues.

Author β€” King Trojan


So much pressure that we've mothballed the Nightingales. Hmm...

Author β€” Lord Damocles


β€œThat which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” Christopher Hitchens

Author β€” CST wyvern


So why is NHS Nightingale closed? Cant be that bad then can it.

Author β€” LaughterVanguard


Weird, because I was in my local hospital yesterday and today, and it was absolutely dead. There were groups of nurses sitting around drinking tea and coffee. It’s almost as if the BBC is spreading misinformation ...

Author β€” The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord


β€œHospitals are full”....last time I heard a hospital was full the real story was that the place had 8 dedicated covid beds that were full. The media over exaggerates and twists everything!! All scare mongering. Keep up the fear!

Author β€” J M


remember mad cow disease - when the media stopped talking about it - its gone - their greatest fear dead cows - well those cows would have died anyway - spoiler alert - the new normal is evil media

Author β€” Dave H


It's the flu season. Covid is flu. The 'pandemic' ended in May. This is turning out to be the biggest con in history.

Author β€” christopher potter


So why are the Nightingale Hospitals being decommissioned then?

Author β€” m cunningham


This is a sad state of affairs. Not only do the government lie to us, so does the media.

Author β€” Jeff JeffreyM


Here's an example of what the BBC should be asking "Why are numbers rising. when everyone is in lockdown"? "Why aren't lockdowns working on the third attempt"? "How many flu cases are there in this FLU SEASON"?

Author β€” Derian Jones


Shock horror, emergency calls have increased while all the doctors surgeries are closed over Christmas, same as every other year. BBC are farcical

Author β€” Tone


Pressure? But they said they could cope and they even shut down the nightingale hospital

Author β€” Masked Mono


Yea the government is so worried that hospitals can't cope that while London was on lockdown the government removed the Nightingale hospital from the docks.
This is the hospital that was built to cope with the covid plandemic.
This should show you how well the hospitals are really coping.
If they weren't able to cope they would not have shut Nightingale hospital
Wake up people you are being lied too

Author β€” James Randolph


Lies, the hospitals are quiet. I’ve been a regular in 3 different northern hospitals since I was diagnosed with cancer last November. The hospitals are far more quieter now than before the pandemic. And we know the Nightingales were never used at all. It feels as if there’s some kind of agenda taking place against the masses forced upon us by the rich establishment & their ruling elite masters πŸ€”
NeWOrmal πŸ™ƒ
β€œNo one rules if no one obeys” - Lao Tzu
Stop obeying!
Stop registering to vote in their system of control.
Novae Terrae Ordo ab Chao πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Author β€” Lazy Jesus


You mean to tell me that people had nothing better to do over Christmas than run out and take a PCR test?!

Author β€” Kitty Snowshoe


Lies lies propaganda being used to mould your thoughts, to accept it. They just repeat it over and over you docile sheep wake up

Author β€” Kats Sketches


You scare people all year. then are surprised when people get flu and out of fear call 999. you muppets. have some integrity and do some real reporting.

Author β€” Journey Of Experience


Are all these private hospitals overwhelmed too across the UK or do their clients not get Covid19

Author β€” kevin m


and remember everyone it must be true because they said so

Author β€” Adro Harv