☀︎︎Amazing Flash Flood of World's☀︎︎|| Top 10 Largest Flooding Caught on Camera

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☀︎︎Amazing Flash Flood of World's☀︎︎|| Top 10 Largest Flooding Caught on Camera.

A flash flood is a rapid flooding of low-lying areas: washes, rivers, dry lakes and depressions. It may be caused by heavy rain associated with a severe thunderstorm, hurricane, tropical storm, or meltwater from ice or snow flowing over ice sheets or snowfields. Flash floods may also occur after the collapse of a natural ice or debris dam, or a human structure such as a man-made dam, as occurred before the Johnstown Flood of 1889. Flash floods are distinguished from regular floods by having a timescale of fewer than six hours between rainfall and the onset of flooding. The water that is temporarily available is sometimes used by certain plants for growth. However, plants that thrive in drier areas can be harmed by flooding, as the plants can become stressed by the large amount of water.

Flash floods can occur under several types of conditions. Flash flooding occurs when it rains rapidly on saturated soil or dry soil that has poor absorption ability. The runoff collects in gullies and streams and, as they join to form larger volumes, often form a fast flowing front of water and debris.
Flash floods most often occur in dry areas that have recently received precipitation, but they may be seen anywhere downstream from the source of the precipitation, even many miles from the source. In areas on or near volcanoes, flash floods have also occurred after eruptions, when glaciers have been melted by the intense heat. Flash floods are known to occur in the highest mountain ranges of the United States and are also common in the arid plains of the Southwestern United States. Flash flooding can also be caused by extensive rainfall released by hurricanes and other tropical storms, as well as the sudden thawing effect of ice dams. Human activities can also cause flash floods to occur. When dams fail, a large quantity of water can be released and destroy everything in its path.

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Author — Dplus Tv


Why did the bus driver continued driving?? ..and the stupidy driver behind the bus drove to bus death

Author — Stephanie Bleasdille


7:41 Can anybody explain to me how this fish got into this image? There's not a meter of water there. I already know that someone saying has heard of editing? Me: yes, but it shouldn't have taken away the credibility of the video.

Author — 漲功老人卡洛思


Сколько разного мусора плывёт в реки и океаны. Наверное Господь Бог говорит:, , Люди, ходите пешком, и меньше загрязняйте землю, свою планету, она одна такая во всей вселенной....

Author — Ваентина Кожевниова


Люди надо жить дружны какая разница какого цвета человек какая религия дружба спасёт человечество

Author — добрый кавказец


You have to be really dumb to try to cross the river in such conditions

Author — Abigail Guzman


😪😪😪Как страшно! Хочу, чтобы во всем мире установился Мир и Спокойствие! Люди давайте дорожить тем, что у нас есть!

Author — Назира Орынбасарова


Господи! Спаси и Сохрани, Помилуй Боже!

Author — Тамара ТРЕТЬЯКОВА


The bus is written on "paradise in heaven"

Author — connie kabasharira


Кошмар жаль дитей людей, страх я боюсь такое я плавать неумею сразу утану

Author — irina kaferty


Jesus Christ help those who are suffering from flood with out food and shelter. Dear God be with them, guide and protect them from harm

Author — Leema Rose


Господи, какя Сила, могущество и красота...и разрушения, но против природы не попрешь...Жаль пострадавших...

Author — Любовь Журавлева


No was is immune from death it seeks us all out eventually

Author — sweet butterfly


I would never take chance try to drive through raging rivers, it's crazy you are asking for it...

Author — una milan


I would likebto be clearly specified on top where in the world is happening.

Author — Ims J


Peste tempestades terremotos irão acontecer tudo está escrito basta o povo ler. Leia a bíblia

Author — Musicas do Isidro


Какая нужда заставляет людей плыть по такому потоку воды.
Хлеб дома кончился и в магазин за хлебом на лодке поплыли.??!!

Author — Людмила Амосова


That was a good video but a lot of stupid people someone should tell them buses and cars don't float I'm sure some people died in this one especially in the bus well God bless their souls 🙏 thanks for sharing the video 👍👍🇺🇸

Author — Joe Lee


I dont get the idea, why ppl keep driving trought the mud flood, or they realy need the toilet ASAP ? And ppl just make record and wish the sh*t happened, without warming the driver dont keep going

Author — Tanam Ikan


Places that happens is because they don’t fear God they forget that we have a God in heaven

Author — Sandra Silva