Angela Merkel steps down: What next? - BBC Newsnight

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As Angela Merkel steps down from her party leadership, Newsnight goes to Germany to ask what it might mean for the country and for Europe.

Despite resigning as leader of the ruling Christian Democratic Union party, Ms Merkel plans to continue running the country as chancellor until 2021.

But will she last that long?

Mark Urban reports.

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Why am i always reading Comments under Videos about politics?
It makes me sad every time.

Author — Krasipol


I simply LOVE Genscher’s uncontrollable burst of laughter at her words!
Yes. This was Angela, at her best!

Author — Eb theDoc


So... you have the longest to second longest serving German Chancellor organizing their retirement but that somehow is a big victory according to YT comments. I may burst your bubble, but she was on the way out anyway.

Author — mangalores-x_x


I'd like to see one of these brave commentators as chancellors.🤭 They all seem to think they would have done better. Truth is whatever a leader does, he will never do it all right. Thats just impossible. And maybe she did a whole lot of things wrong, but as adults, we must be able to discuss and debate an issue without insulting each other.

Author — E Am



Author — Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim


Does anyone recongnize the song starting at 3:40?

Author — Anni Kr


I just woke up, is it yet time to reinstate the Kaiser?

Author — Snowy ツ


I'm genuinely confused by the obsession with Merkel, whilst refusing to see the bigger picture. She was party leader for 18 years. She always said this was her last term as chancellor and as previous chancellors she prepares a new party leader now by stepping down whilst remaining chancellor till 2021, after which she will retire. Nothing surprising nor abnormal about this. The surprise was her decision to candidate for a 4th term - not stepping down now; we always knew this would be her last term now and her behaviour is standard procedure ;)

Author — Gecko Lia


Is she stepping down NOW or refusing to run again ? That is what I understand. She will not run again and that is not the same thing.

Author — lina Nicolia


Angela Merkel is an amazing woman. I have so much admiration for her strength and determination.

Author — Robert Letsch


'What next?' she steps up to the gallows.

Author — Jojo Gunne


She has a PhD in physics, not chemistry

Author — TheSalzman1000


Great piece, that leaves me with more questions than answers.

Author — Painted Pony


Altmeier is 6 yrs older than me. I thought he was way over 60. I`m so tired of all these old guys ruling those who stand for a totally different lifestyle, ideology and have to put up with difficulties the old ones created but never had to go through.

Author — le chat


Nobody "steps down"...Merkel sinks - and Germany sinks with her...

Author — raginald7 Mars


I call on all globalists to step down.

Author — Jon B


Dear Trolls, dear inhabitants of any third world states, dear geniuses, please the Heads of Government that you have elected in your own countries. Try harder 👍

Author — Frank Hofmann


I'm not a cdu voter but i respect and trust frau Merkel a lot.
She has done so much good for germany and Europe.

Author — Gofer LP


Clearly the decision to aid refugees came from the right place, but the resources and capacity to were not taken into proper account. I think we should have established safe zones in Syria regardless of what al- Assad or Putin had to say about it and a lack of willingness to stand up for people's health and safety in a way that made sense is, in my opinion, why this disaster has dragged out into what it is.

Author — Mikey


Breton hair style ! Bre ton, .,.less an r is be ton, ba ta ton beton, ., ?..hard as gets older in, ., .poli tic toc tic toc, ., .chem e stry, ., .

Author — Tudor Lucian