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John Oliver discusses the tension between the public and private worlds of predicting the weather.

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Only in America, where not even the weather service is safe from capitalist greed.

Author — Blanco8x8


_Last Week Tonight:_ Bringing issues I didn’t know were issues to attention, and making topics I thought were utterly boring, exciting.

John and his staff are national treasures.

Author — Laurence


As a meteorologist, I thank you for bringing this out into the open, Last Week Tonight.

Author — Danielle Whipple


Thank you, John Oliver, for roasting the man who asked me, in a job interview at Accuweather way back, if I was a 'republican', because 'it would be better if I was'. This, of course, was right after he asked if I wanted to also do the on camera weather, as with the new High Definition, their existing 'women' had too many skin imperfections to be on-camera.. as I interviewed for a position working as a meteorological programmer.. sooo needless to say I didn't take the job.

Author — Christy Carlson


It's really impressive that this guy can get nearly 5 million people (at the time of writing) to click on a video called 'Weather'

Author — Jack Pipe


The USA is a corporation that tolerates citizens.

Author — jhwheuer


I’m almost sure that nobody cares, but in the 80s Accuweather graphics it says that the USA has the world’s deepest snows, when in fact it’s actually Aomori, Japan.

Author — Snoaa


"We meet again, Corporate Greed"

- The American People

Author — linux750


My birds got proportionally louder as I turned this up to hear over them. Either they really hate the sound of John’s voice or they recognize their own kind and were trying to communicate.

Author — Kierra Nodel


"Feels like 70 or feels like 19, I don't know" is the most accurate description of weather in the Midwest though, so I guess he's right.

Author — Grant Allen


I feel like this could be an actual headline: "Nestle buys rights to air, charges people money to breathe it."

Author — Rich Gerow


"Suck on this one, sit on that one!" Thanks John, TOTALLY using that in the future! 🤣🤣

Author — KimShea22


of course the president ruined things again. that’s his only job now.

Author — Martin Amarilla


how to get rich in america
1. find something that's free
2. start selling it
3. make people unable to get it for free

Author — Martin Martin


"We recieve 2/3rds more information than we give."

Trump: "We're clearly on the losing end of this deal."

Author — TheZeroNeonix


John Oliver, a man that makes depressing news entertaining.

Author — Alambic Dieudonné Corydon Talon


and to think that the weather data is collected and analysed with taxpayers money, so taxpayers should have acces to it, right?

Author — Charming nowhere to hide


As someone who does fieldwork for research purposes, everyone on our team relies on radar and weather apps to plan for field seasons. Whether it be for personal safety/preparedness or to ensure our data can actually be collected. I had no expectations coming into this video but let me say that I deleted my Accuweather app before the video ended and every extra minute I watched made me more certain in my decision.

Author — Elizabeth Lopez


"Pay us or die in a tornado" is literally a supervillain business plan, except that the supervillain will at least have had the decency to have invented and built a tornado machine.

Author — Dan Henry


I'm infinitely more qualified as a high school drop out who has never sexually assaulted anyone and listenes to climate scientists. I'll take the job.

Author — Ryan Ambsdorf