16-year-old Mila reawakens France's blasphemy demons

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A teenager from Grenoble is at the centre of a debate on freedom of expression and the right to blaspheme, this after she became a target of death threats for criticising Islam online. The divisive discussion that has followed is a reminder of the aftermath of the 'Charlie Hebdo' shooting. The satirical magazine's mockery of religion led its journalists to be targeted by vengeful jihadists. #JeSuisMila (I am Mila) is the online campaign of support for free speech in all its forms, even where it offends, in an echo of the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag that emerged after the 2015 terror attack. 

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💬 Comments on the video

She is being threatened with violence by a group who would kill her because of her sexual preference. Of course she is right and the islamists are brutes.

Author — Steve Estrada


Religion of peace is showing its true colour 🤥

Author — D k


Even the reporters here are afraid to be sincere.

Author — Sum Sum


Racial hatred? How convenient to conflate an ideology with race...

Author — Sean Lemmermann


Terrible reporting, doesn’t say she was threatened with death by the religion of peace and that charges were dropped against her.

Author — Rael


France is nearby an Islamic state already...!!!

Author — mrruud0101


Dear Europe and especially France you are dead your multiculturalism is being taken over by the Arabic monoculturism we Indians have been facing like Charlie Hebdo phenomenon from past 1300 years 🤕

Author — logical defence analysis


People keeping making jokes on Jesus. Why can't they make one on Allah??

Author — Alok Sen


Mila is absolutely right and everyone has to right speak about religion and I support her and I am from India

Author — sangeet_Sun


France is championing the absolute suppression of freedom of speech and will be their destruction

Author — Red Pill Diogenes


By not wanting Arab/Islamic partners, she displays a high level of common sense...

Author — Udayan Mitra


*I support her from India, Islamic te®®o®ism is a global warming level threat for planet earth*

Author — infotainment channel


You go girl ✊💅 salutations from a atheist from a Muslim background.

Free speech is where we get our morality and ethics, definitly not from any church or ancient text.

Religion can take a number and and stand in the dogma and ideology line for invalidation, refutation, criticism and to be challenged and contested on the altar of scintific method and rationality to reach higher levels of knowledge and understanding.

Author — Ibn al-Haytham Abu Ali al-Ḥasan


"Inciting racial hatred"? It's like we're living in 1984...

Author — ghouleh *


3:14 "Had somehow brought this upon herself"

The rapists defence. 'She was wearing a short skirt m'lord, she was asking for it'.

Islam is _not_ a race, it is a set of beliefs and ideas, and a set of very bad ideas on how to structure and run a society, just look at the numerous islamic republics around the world. Any other system, be it communism, socialism, liberalism, fascism, is open for criticism and mockery.

Islam is given a special place in the world because they use the assassin's veto. Any mockery or criticism leads to violence.

Author — fluffymufti


Not just France, entire Europe will sink if it supports the extremists rather than their own citizens..

Author — Karthik Manohar


Save the world and humanity from Islam

Author — Neha India


She said what we in Eastern Europe think as well and she expressed her point of view without political correctness, opposite of France, we in Eastern Europe do not accept any illegal immigration so we are still fine, but we also say what we think and have still freedom, what the western European countries already lost.

Author — Soldat von Oberschlesien


Well, guess what

She's 100% right.

Author — Jay Sani


Hardcore political ideology mistaken as a religion..the earlier the civilized world realizes this the better it is for the world..

Author — raj k