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Bangalore Crime -video | Manorama News3.5
Bangalore Crime -video

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give the punishment as giving in saudi arabia

Author — shabu sheriff


why they don't do this with their mother nd sister...

Author — ankit singh


Their identity should be given out put on news channels and on newspapers put then on a hall of shame that even the women
in their family get disgusted about their existence

Author — Deepak Arvind


the time when Bangalore should have become an example of women empowerment with a most of educated people such incidents are bringing shame and hindering the efforts towards a civilised society

Author — Jatinder Singh


very shameful ..I don't how these type of men have he courage to do it

I am a man and I know many guys who would don't even dare thinking of doing it, so how they shameless tease girls.

Author — Nouer Uz-Zaman


maaa ke lodo ke lund kaat dene chahiye



so brutally man they forget their mom also a girl, what type society are we living.



ഉപ്പൻ ഊക്കണ നേരത്ത് വീട്ടിൽ വരുമ്പോ ഇത് തന്നെ സംഭവിക്കണം

Author — Renjith Renji


evanonnum punishment onnum akila shoot at sight

Author — Arun Kumar


we have to respect womens But not like this....just Think shameless

Author — manoj pasham


Such guys shud be cut offf shud be punished death so that no new cheapers dare to do such

Author — siddhi gujar


Nalla kariyam neravum kalum illa rathri

Author — Sharon Alathur


Wht if Dat girl was ur sister....haaa....u guys r just d most rustful... things i have ever seen

Author — Deepa Sarkar


Bsss Yai Resn hi Ki lrkiya kvi v apne ko safe ny feel krti...srf kuch BC MC k wjh se

Author — Akash Raj


is ladka ke bahan ke sath pura hindustan kareyga

Author — Rajkumar Das


Punda unga vettula ullavenga pooi pannu koothi mavene

Author — dk vijay dk VIP


Or aise Madarchodi sabo ko nanga kar k bich sarak main mar nah chaheye....yeh sab dekhne se mera bht gussa ata hai ekbr DCP banke jis jga pe v pohuchunga nah kasam k keheta hu aise sab ko dard nak moot dunga...Eagle Death k bare main suna hai nah thik waise he dunga bht drd nak...rappiest logo ko...jai hind

Author — Harley King


bloody rascals.please see the situation of painful. these rascals should be punished

Author — Hidayath Ali


Ivante yoke chukkamani chethi kaakkak erinj kodkanam

Author — Shami666 Shami666


This is where pepper spray comes handy!!....having said that....these 2 disgusting men's balls should be ripped out!!

Author — varunk1989vk