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Yes, I got a haircut and yes, it's too short. 🤓

Author — Indigo Traveller


My name is Ayan and I'm Kazakh, I've been living almost whole life in Astana.
well to y'all, I want to say that although Borat is obviously a comedy, but in Kazakhstan there was a furious reaction to this movie. I have no problem with the movie, but I can see why a lot of kazakhs hate it.
The rest of the world don't know Kazakhstan. I studied 3 years abroad (England and Denmark) and I can tell that Western World see us as a part of "stan" countries, namely Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. I dont want to offend these countries, but we are absolutely different. They have arabic culture, we have turkic. They speak arabic, we don't. They live by sharia/islamic laws, we are secular.
Before Borat we had problems with these kind of associations. We wanted to be recognized by the rest of the world. But after Borat came out, we faced other problem - now most of westerns think we live as barbarians and fuck our own relatives.
That's why kazakhs are so pissed off - Western world didnt know about us much, and all what they know now is Borat.

To reply to comments below - of course Astana (and Almaty) is exception comparing to the rest of Kazakhstan. We do have villages, where no electricity provided, etc. We do have a lot of problems. But we do not do incest and other middle ages shit. We are young country, which gained its independence just 27 years ago. We do have kind of authoritarism (because of the one President for 27 years), but which country at their beginning didn't have? It's all about evolution. But the thing is, we try our best to be on the same level as Western countries.

Good luck, man! Keep it on!

And everyone is really welcome to Kazakhstan to see it with your own eyes, how we live and how we do stuff. :)

Author — Ayan Oryntay


- how are you?
- airport 😐

Author — that dude


You ppl reacting like Kazakhstan is unknown place mysterious and etc lol even if the foreigners do not travel here, we Kazakhs travel a lot around the world. I traveled the whole Europe when I was studying there. So our country is developing too fast but the ppl are even more progressive that our government can't keep up. That's why you see many buildings either too old from soviet past or too modern that have solar panels etc. The break between old and modern is crazy
Thanks for your videos 😊

Author — S B


Любить Актау и Каспий, видно что в душе адаец 😅

Author — Альберт Кайбалиев


nice video as always, greetings from Albania!

Author — Parajsa Shqiptare


Oh man, you should've visited Almaty!

Author — laetus


The roads are busy. The pavements are empty.

Author — Murray McD


I disagree Nick, you should describe the buildings, since you're our eyes there. Another SUPER video! :)

Author — Charles G


Fabulous architecture ! This country is absolutely underestimated

Author — Ahmed hassan


Yestarday I had seen a dream as if I were travelling with you by train to Actau and you had to go on travelling but I stayed there . I saw white and burgundy buildings of Actau and definetly liked there .Such a strange dream.

Author — George Poolver


Asian country with asian people. So fantastic city👍🏻

Author — Асель Халелова


Hi Kazakhstan from Azerbaijan
We love you)
Thanks you for the video)

Author — atilla attila ТЮРОК


Looks hounted city to me, No life at all.

Author — mehboob gani


The City looks like The Future !! 😍😍😍

totally different, peace & clean city. love it !! ❤

Author — MR Exploration


The people there really seem to love gold :D

Author — Jojo Aigner


when i was in Actau I went to Fort Shevchenko. it's interesting place as well

Author — Mama Sita


Enjoyed the tour with you. Visit Almaty soon! That's a really cool city!

Author — Артур Зинуллин


Real cool edit bro, fast, smooth and flowing. Must be a special place to walk around and experience something differernt compared to your expectations upfront. That's what I love about traveling.

Author — Dutch Nomad Couple


Oh man, next time you definitely should go to the Almaty city. There are many places with beautiful nature, especially mountains, canyons, lakes etc:)

Author — Bizhan Bazhirov