How To Start Getting Your Finances In Order

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How To Start Getting Your Finances In Order

Did you miss the latest Ramsey Show episode? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Get all the highlights you missed plus some of the best moments from the show. Watch debt-free screams, Dave Rants, guest interviews, and more!

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Been able to keep finance in order is hugely based on your ability to budget your income from your expenses, using a budgeting plan can help your allocate fund properly as for me I use 50/30/20 plan and it's work out great these past 18months.

Author — Tim Coady


Making a 100, 000 you can easily pay off that debt in a reasonable time . How about 50, 000 debt making 35, 000 a year ! Real problems

Author — Arlene Dennis


makes 100k and cant get out of 23k debt? what are people wasting their money on?

Author — uaigneach


I'm addicted to him. Iv not even got £6000 debt and got my mortgage but I'm smashing this

Author — Hati Couponer


Could you make the Every Dollar app available outside US? It’d be great to have it in Australia & UK

Author — Nigel A


I came from Guyana 12 years ago, I am debt free, single mother of 2 children.
No child support..
Had to leave my husband after 6 years of living together in this country.
He was a cheater and a non ambitious person..
Always going on vacation and bills was due..
Have good savings, looking into investment..

Author — Esther Jagmohan


The noise makes when Dave already solved it 😂

Author — Kevin Worley


Dave Ramseys audio books are on audible. My advice is you make an account with audible and buy all Dave Ramseys audio books. Your first book credit is free. Audible is brilliant.

Author — Great Britain


She "THINKS" their income is "around $100, 000"? Therein lies the problem.

Author — Joe Momma


Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful! 💯💫

Author — Indira Life


Just comes down to this! How much do you want to be out of debt? How much are you willing to sacrifice now, so that you don't have to sacrifice later?

Author — 1redrubberball


Yea i've been getting paid with d a I l y w e b e a r N . c o m
i'm making over $2195 a week with them!

εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

Author — Wayen Bridge


How do people not know how much they make...? In a lot of videos I watch, when asked their income a lot of them answer, "it's around this Maybe that is part of the issue, severely overstating their income. I know almost down to the cents of what my pay is every month.

Author — Visaliaipa


Is it possible to make the EveryDollar app available also for Moldova?

Author — Trimūrti Tridevi


I can not seem to find the Every Dollar App in the play store. Is is available on that platform?

Author — BrownieLove Mike


I played these videos so my mom can hear. She bust out "I have 275, 000 in mortgage debts" yep. She is 67. She thinks she knows it all. To be honest, she is still on babystep 2.

Author — J K


Happily Debt Free- making 15 an hour, 4 months emergency. but now i'm stuck. i'm trying to save for a house. but the house opart is hard., i've made some mistakes this past year of having this job and i've had to recover my emergency. i'm just pray

Author — Josiah Hind


Simple steps, keep track of ur expenses vs ur income . Have a budget . Start saving money start investing. Easier said than done ✅

Author — Investing Hustler


Can you make every dollar available on the uk App Store?

Author — britjam15


How can I call in? I have some big questions.

Author — Christina