India to revoke special status for Kashmir - BBC News

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India to revoke special status for Kashmir - BBC News2
India's government has moved to revoke the part of the constitution that gives Indian-administered Kashmir special status in an unprecedented move likely to spark unrest.

Article 370 is sensitive because it is what guarantees significant autonomy for the Muslim-majority state.

The entire region is disputed between India and Pakistan. Each claim it in full but control only parts of it.

There has been a long-running insurgency on the Indian side.

Thousands of Indian troops had been deployed to the region ahead of the announcement and tourists were told to leave.

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Thanks u BBC for your British divide and rule policy...still burning the lives in subcontinental

Author — Vamsi Krishna


Bbc:- massive protest by oppostion


Bill passed with a clear majority of 351 votes 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Akshat Tejas


Want to Change demography??
Exodus of Kashmiri pundits was an example of Secularism

Author — Free man


If Pakistan put cows on border instead of ARMY there will be no war

Author — Sleepy Cobra


India need to capture London it’s built by Indian money

Author — Vishwanath Raju


Why didn't you return our stolen diamond????

Author — ash a


It was passed through majority votes lier BBC

Author — Aditya Kumar


This is the result of divide and rule policy of British.

Author — The Panini Agravanshi show


India Don't Give A Damn Shit About It..Just that Simple. No One Owns Any Kind Of Explanation About Revocation of Article 370 & 35A From India. (Because it clearly written in the Article 370 itself that it is Temporary & can be Taken Down by the President of India).

Author — Knowledge Enthusiast


Status of BBC over india in this decision can be seen in dislikes 🤣

Author — keshav bishnoi


Guyes 2 min. Silence.
Rip to BBC !
Rip to Yogita too !

Author — Nacube Technology


Stop worrying about guys creates this mess in the first place.
Rather worry about Brexit immigrant crimes in London.. northern Ireland and Scotland.

Author — Shouvik Roy


Wrong -statement . Actually it has been voted by upper house and Lower house.

Author — Jignesh


You should talk about British occupied North Ireland, Scotland, Wheals first.

Author — Ashish Naik


Our Indian government will take care of our own issues..: Dont interfere India’s internal matter....

British looted India for many years...

Author — Prudhvi Krishna P


Finally India solved british massive mistake. Lots of love from Russia

Author — Queen Elsa


No wonder why these bloody Brits are criticised everywhere for there yellow journalism.
Whatever said is absolutely wrong and misleading. You can google everything what i am mentioning.
1) Article 370 was only Temporary, which should have been revoked way back.
2) Bill is passed by both the houses, with absolute majority in both.
3) Opposition is not condemning, Most of the opposition parties have welcomed this move(major leaders from Congress as well).

Author — arnav 07


BBC - Backchod bhosdika channel.

PS: we dont need UK.

Author — Element


Non sense she is speaking.

I want to ask this journalist from Delhi.
Why Jammu and ladakh is celebrating 370 removal



Prince ruled state or King Ruled state (KING HARI SINGH)
* why they always keep a mum on Kashmiri pandit

Author — Shashank Tanwar