How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating

Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:

Reverse Osmosis:

Lithium Hydroxide:
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Destin- “Where are you from?”
Dow- “I’m from Ohio”
Destin- “oh” lol

Author — Randy Randleman


Love the chemistry focused episode. Lots of fun stuff in this one

Author — NightHawkInLight


Submarines, the closest place to space that's not in space.

Author — Eric Rugh


Absolutely awesome episode. I used to use an oxy propane torch that generated its oxygen just like the "candles" on the sub. Really enjoyed learning about the scrubber system

Author — ElementalMaker


I'm guessing electrolysis.
Edit: I would've also killed everyone on the sub.

Author — Litespark


Destin:asks question
Also Destin: answers own question correctly
Sailor: yes
Destin: thanks man it was a pleasure talking to you. You taught me so much!

Author — DustinAllen1994


It's incredible to me how much everyone on the sub knows what they're talking about. Each and every person you talk to is such an expert in their field! So cool and makes you have so much respect for how hard they must have worked to get to where they are.

Author — Andrew Schroeder


"We are now far in to our deep dive on submarines"
Also Destin:
I've been waiting ten years to say that 😄

Author — Michael Gindhart


Similar to the tool we used to find R-134a or R-12 leaks on cars.

Author — TimeBucks


"I'll be right back, I'll head for the toilet real quick" "Can I see it?"

Author — Ebbelwoy


West Jefferson, Ohio crew. Nice. Small town. Surprised to see someone from there on this channel.

Author — Corey Schafer


Destin: So there must be an alarm right?
Dow: Ye it make beepy sound

Author — Jonah Anderson


"No, that's his job"
- Best Quote Ever

Author — Je Studios


The smile when they realize that destin knows his stuff and is genuinely interested in the details of what they have to say is awesome

Author — Ursa_minor 1234


Destin: “This is my dog, I just wanted you to see her cause she’s cute...”. oh and this is my wife, she’s aight...I guess

Author — Armadiller Firefighter


Imagine being the person who decided oxygen candles were a thing and was trying to explain it - "so yeah right, what we do is set off this self-sustaining oxidising metal fire, right... so long as it doesn't melt its way through the hull everything is OK".

Author — NCOT Technology


“Reverse osmosis is complicated and I don’t want to go into the great depths of that right now, but there is a lot of stuff on screen right now and that’s kind of what happens. Let’s move on.” Dude...considering that reverse osmosis is complicated enough to be an entire video, that sentence rocked and made me laugh. Paused it right after that statement to like and comment. Keep up the great work!

Author — TheCaptnHammer


Similar to the tool we used to find R-134a or R-12 leaks on cars. (works exactly the same)

Author — Steve Johnson


"Oh wow interesting, how long do the candles burn?"

Everyone on the ship slowly suffocating: 😐

Author — Crazy Cat Skits


“Lean Amine is like a flat coke” Destin is showing his Southern dialect

Author — jan Melantu