Alpha Bravo Charlie's famous character Gul Sher exclusively on Subah Say Agay - Meet Qasim Shah

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Download — Alpha Bravo Charlie's famous character Gul Sher exclusively on Subah Say Agay - Meet Qasim Shah

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کچھ نہیں چاہیے تجھ سے اے میرے عمر رواں
میرا بچپن, میرے جگنو, میری گڑیا لادے

Author — Wajid Ali


ألفا براوو چارلی جیسا کوئی ڈرامہ ھو ھی نہیں سکتا کیونکہ وہ وقت ھی کچھ اور تھا

Author — Rahat Raheela


کیا سوھانا دور تھا ہم تو ABC کی بار دیکھ چکے ھیں۔

Author — AAA Birgade


عہد وفا ڈرامہ ایلفابراوو چارلی کے قریب قریب بھی نہیں گزرتا آئی ایس پی آر کو شعیب صاحب سے ہی آرمی پر ڈرامہ بنوانا چاہئے تھا اور ایلفا براوو چارلی کا سیکوئل ہی بنانا چاہئے تھا

Author — Khan Sahab


گل شیر کا رول اس لیے اچھا لگتا تھا ۔ کیونکہ وہ بہت معصوم اور خوبصورت پٹھان تھا ❤

Author — Khadija Durrani


Bcz of ABC i joined this profession.. Allhumdulilah...
Back in 1998, i was in class 3. Lovely days those were... 😍👍

Author — Syed Moeez Hassan


Ehed e wafa is not like alfha bravo charlie

Author — meerab rajpoot


Never have any actor become so popular because of just one serial aa these four, faraz, kashif, gulsher and shehnaz.

Author — Sab Ali


we want capt kashif gulsher n faraz again in another drama:)

Author — Hania Abu Bakr


People love the army of their we the people of Pakistan has some thing special with Pak we all are Pak Army...we all are

Author — modi ji ki railpatdi par hugti gand


قاسم سر صرف اتنا ہی کہونگا اللّه آپ کو سلامت رکھے آپ ہمارا اثاثہ ہیں جو پاکستان سے پیار کرے اس کی خدمت کرے وہ قابلے قدر ہے ۔

Author — Great Pakistan


Am pakhtoon too and today once again i can say i proud to be *Pakistani* 🇵🇰

Author — Sana Khan Baloch


When he said 'Dusham se tou laro ga mein' that's like gulshair bol raha ha💚💚massom

Author — the Pakistani


ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE our child hood drama I love all characters specially Gul Shair played by Sir Qasim we love you so much sir and thank you for sharing with us drama's serial ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE memorial moments which I m in past year my child hood 💕💗💞💖❤💝
We need more like Alpha Bravo Charlie I know hum tv play in these days ehd e wafa but we need more than these kind of drama's
Have a nice day 💝💗💞🌷❤️❤️❤️💕 💞🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Keep it up 👍👍 doing great job 👌👌💞💖👏👏👏💖❤🇵🇰🇵🇰💝❤💖💞

Author — Moon facer Rose


Ahdewafa ma also included ARMY young officer. TV actors are not attracted the drama

Author — saima khan


Fazool hosts...i dont think theres any show with such annoying hosts

Author — Mehwish Safdar


Gulsher sir you are so cute Ma Sah ‘Allah’

Author — M C


Male representer has no intellect question

Author — Rabia Imran


We never forget this drama n these four character's aesa drama ab may be na bnaye 👍

Author — Mrs Usman


18:03 dono anchors hi intehai fazoooll tareeen hain, Ehd-e-Wafa k Shahzain sy bhi zyada, fazool bilkul, there's a legend and they are asking only lame questions and annoying him.

Author — Ahmet Navıd