Izmir: Rediscover Life (Izmir, Turkey)

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Izmir Chamber of Commerce presents Izmir: Rediscover Life

Produced by Faculty of Communication, Izmir University of Economics

Izmir, Turkey (2015) [HD]

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Hello neighbours . As i can see Izmir is a so big and a very beautiful city. Congratulations.
I want to visit your home country because i admire its unbelievable and picturesque landscapes..The first Turkish town that i am going to visit is Bodrum...Needless to say that i try to learn your language because i consider that we have a lot in common. Hatred is a so bad thing. Sorry for the stupid comments from Greek commentators here ....

Author — Ιωάννης Μπάκας


Ancient, biblical Smyrna (now Izmir, Türkiye) is where I graduated from the Izmir American High School in 1972. Now, I am 64 & appreciate it more now than when I was 17. This video presentation brought me both appropriate pride & tears.

Author — Karl-Michael Sala


Beautiful city beautiful country respects and well wishes from Canada

Author — dailybrother


I think I am already in love. "Izmir" is gorgeous" .that's exactly where i want to live and die .

Author — Houaria Belkacemi


Great place & the turks are real nice people. Treat you like family...

Author — John Patrick


Seni ziyaret edeceğim güzel türkiye

Author — Imen Minoucha


Waw...a very beautiful city...gretings from Albania

Author — Sona Sona


Bir gun donecem sana, guzel Izmir. One day i will return and see all my family.

Author — Arben Dauti


My name has got inspiration from this city! Awesome! I intend to travel until Izmir someday!

Author — Izmir de Abreu Bernardo


Que lindo lugar, Izmir para el año voy!!!!

Author — Elizabeth Guerrero


I was 2 weeks in Bitez beach in Bodrum last year and visited Ephesus too. We had an amazing time!! Everyone was mentioning to visit Izmir which was not that far! Next time we pay a visit to this beautiful city . We love Turkey and their people.

Author — ALEX MG


ben Iranlıyım ve dilli türkçe çok seviyorum ama biraz biliyorum. biri bana öğretebilir whatsappta mı??

Author — Maedeh Mohamadi


İzlediğim en güzel İzmir tanıtım videosu olmuş süper 👍

Author — Funda Engin


невероятно красивый город. Счастливые люди там живут. Очень все красиво, слов нет

Author — Ирина KissKa


yes actually it's amazing, I live there now, i love this city

Author — halil ibrahim


In Izmir right now! Love the place and people💓

Author — Sarah Omar


i was here back in 2013 as a seafarer... i fell in love with this city, I made a promise that i would return as a tourist

Author — Efraim Monsale


I went last month to izmir. Its nice and peaceful. Y

Author — josh786manchester


çox gözəl şəhərdir azerbaycandan salam

Author — Amin Amin


It's like God placed a small bit of heaven on earth. Izmir... My heart longs to you <3

Author — NO NAME