सनसनी: Sridevi के 240 करोड़ के बीमे की Mystery ! | ABP News Hindi

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सनसनी: Sridevi के 240 करोड़ के बीमे की Mystery ! | ABP News Hindi4
सनसनी: श्रीदेवी के 240 करोड़ के बीमे की मिस्ट्री !

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सुनील सिंह को सलाम है कातील को छोडना मत सुनील सिंह

Author — Kuldeep. parmar007


I think ya murder hai. Mera dil kahta hai 100% murder hai

Author — Don babul khan


Madia apni dukan chala rahe gai kisi ki mout per shame on you

Author — Mirza Yaqoob


Her husband killed her ! Shameless man good actor

Author — Farah Sinaki


An investigation was needed by FBI into it . Medical Examiners, forensics .
How could some drown in a bath tub ?
Drunk is misleading .
I drink 750 ml liquor on alternate days like a bottle, 42 percent, I may feel sleepy in my bathtub ..
When the the water gets inside your nose, you get up and shake your head .
My mom told me, Sridevi is killed .
We will never know .

Author — gaurav awasthi


bonny Kapoor killed hey all about money

Author — Zoya Ali


ऐसा लगता है उसे मारा गया है, आप समझ गए होंगे कोन है वो, 250 करोड़ का बिमा लोग पेसो के लिए कुछ भी कर देते है, !!! श्रीदेवी का बोनी कपूर से शादी का फैसला गलत था, !

Author — Seema gupta Gupta


It was murdee . I think Bonney is the main Culprit. We will miss you Sree mam😓😓😓😓

Author — Subhajit Das


Boney kapoor long time didnt produce any movie coz he doesn't have enough money. That's why May be he killed her.

Author — Sam Raai


Chutiya bana rah he oska pati...kyoki osi ne he mara he aapni biwi ko...lekin kuch action nahi hoga kyoki vo bosdika paise vala he agar hum me se koi hota to gand me bambu dal deti police. Aur ye sach he

Author — Abhijit Murudkar


All in comment box sayg tht she is murdered.Bt, no1.can do anything.Only God wl do justice when he wl come back.If, this is true.

Author — Sanikka Padalikar


joth unnatural death sridevi ko mardiyagaya

Author — Bajuban Reang


Ha boni kapur ne hi Mara h us bakt bo hi kamre ta 280 ki bat h pass k like Mar diya achi heroin ti sirdevi ji I mis yu

Author — Reena soni Reena soni


Is ne tu muhbt ki the ye q marega, , un ko bathing krty wqt heart attect huwa huga, , humari fmly ki fevorite the seri devi g, from pakistan

Author — S M


Any normal person will call ambulance instead of calling his friend in India ( makes no sense). Millions of unanswered questions. Too many holes in Bonney story

Author — Gurdeep Kesar


Aap ye bol rhy ho ki dono ek dusry ky bina nhi rhy our Katil bhi bol rhy ho konsa boni ji bhi grib thy jo shree ji ko marengy shree ka mony ky nomni husband he to hoty h gelt h sub

Author — Seema Sharma


Yeah could be true because he was the one in the room with her

Author — Yasmin Rekha


Itne Pani me koi bhi dub nahi skta murder hai ye

Author — Nisha Gaikwad


Divya Bharti first and she is the second poor girl

Author — Dee Singh


Aur tum dono kawwe ban kar wahi par the

Author — Sameer Sameer