Deion Sanders wins first game as Jackson State head coach [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN College Football

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Watch highlights of the Jackson State Tigers’ 53-0 victory against the Edward Waters Tigers as Deion Sanders pick up his first win as a college football head coach.

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Troy a real one for showing support & encouragement to Deion & an HBCU in Jackson St.

Author — killab


Things are about to change in the HBCU schools.... It's prime time baby.

Author — Alonzo Mcdowell


Imagine how the facilities are going to transform over the next 10 years.

Author — River Valley University


he going to attract a lot of good players, and a lot of money to that school

Author — Andres Quiroz


JSU has a killer marching band. Now primetime is the head coach of the football team?? Oh boy, exciting times in Mississippi!

Author — I like my own comments


I hope this sparks more recruits coming back to HBCUs and more First round draft picks for the NFL

Author — Larri Lindsey


They looked good, but that o-line needs work. Especially, if they ever get on the field w/ NCAT. It is early and they showed very well. Congrats JSU and Coach prime.

Author — Aswad Malik


Imagine being a young kid and the GOAT corner you've always dreamed of being is your coach.

Author — Josh Christian


You can see and feel the inspiration and excitement he has infused into these young men!

Author — JD Carleon


I hope there's a documentary being filmed about this season

Author — Jackobee


I hope those young men know that every player that touched the field made history today

Author — Highway Red


"Wins first game" is an understatement! That was brutal

Author — Maurice Golden


Awesomeness.. Can't wait until they play SWAC conference schools. That will be the litmus test. It really starts with Grambling!!

Author — The ArcAngel


Look how organized those boys are, pay attention southern!

Author — Jaquay Hills


Glad to see him having success. I’ve got a few neon deon signs from when he played with the braves

Author — Stealthtiger13


lol majority black school, still got a white kicker
somethings never change in american football lmao

Author — Pienin kissoista


I bet that their former Cowboys coach will be proud of these two supporting each other.

Author — Jon Shell


Congratulations Coach Sanders. Great that Troy Aikman came to see you. ( nice embrace between 2 Cowboys Legends ) - Too bad some "Coward" had to Rob-You, and take-away from your special moment. I hope they catch the guy. Rooting for your Success brother. oNe LovE from NYC

Author — Michael Caz


Rooting for Mr. Sanders' success.... Just Win ... AND, keep winning

Author — 10GALLEN81


this really was amazing for other reasons than football Im proud today of all these men and women behind this team.

Author — IsmokeHiphop Live