Why Istanbul Isn't the Capital of Turkey

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Istanbul (previously Constantinople) has served as the capital of numerous kingdoms and empires throughout its nearly 3,000-year history, and yet today the Republic of Turkey's capital is in the city of Ankara. How did that happen?

"Arabian Nights" by StoneOcean
"Legends" by Alexander Nakarada


*Just because I have sources doesn't mean my research is infallible. Though I aim for as much accuracy as I can manage, there are likely some facts I have gotten wrong.

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Author — Luis Pepito


Russia: calls Ottomans sick man of the Europe
Also Russia:collapses before Ottomans

Author — E ms


As a Turk I can say that your Turkish pronunciation is way better than most foreigners.

Author — Emperor Raptor


This man's ability to pronounce words perfectly is too strong to sneeze at.

Author — Cnut The Grape


Just wanna say, I love how you pronounce Ankara correctly.

Author — Yvel The Yveltal


I wonder what percentage of people think Istanbul is the capital?

Author — History and Headlines


If you think the French left so easily, then you have no idea why Maraş got renamed Kahramanmaraş; Antep, Gaziantep; Urfa, Şanlıurfa

Author — Franz EMIN TALAY


Other reasons:

-It is too close to western (thracian) borders of Turkey. Russians sieged Istanbul in 1878 and Bulgarians came close at 1912. It was occupied easily by allies in 1918 etc. etc.

-After losing balkans in first balkan war and arabian peninsula in WW1 all Turkey got was Anatolia and Ankara is in the center of it.

-Constantinople/İstanbul was a pretty cosmopolitan city in the early 20s. Nearly %30 percent of city's population consisted of Non-Turkic ethnicities (Greeks, Armenians etc.) Ataturk and other leaders of Turkish war of Indepence were largely nationalists. So they prefered a homogeneous city as the capital over a cosmopolitan one.

Author — Ahmet Ben


Actually, in the south side of turkey, France didnt just got out. The people fought with french and armenian troops without any army of their own, known as Kuvayımilliye, and they won, thats why Urfa is Şanlıurfa (Glorious Urfa) Maraş is Kahramanmaraş (Hero Maraş) and Antep is Gaziantep (Veteran Antep)

Author — phantic


I have to say, Turkish geography/map is so beautiful, I dont know why but the shape is so interessant, Turkey spreads perfectly on the anatolia peninsula leaving a part anchored in Asia as if leaning over the middle east, fitting like a spoon over a cake, while the other part facing the Sea surrounded by thousands of islands that Turkey politely ignore picking up a tinny portion of Europe as if it was claiming a piece of the old world, greetings from Brazil.

Author — Denis


Why Isn't Istanbul capital of Turkey.
Me: Why Rio de Janero

Author — kabie bebe


1:25 This is the first time I have ever seen a non-Turkish speaker pronounce "Ğ" correctly

Author — Yusuf Kızılkaya


Suggestion: Why was the comparably insignificant city of Bonn made capital of Western Germany and not a city like Hamburg, Munich or Cologne?

Author — Z TARE


as a Turk, i gotta say you've nailed the pronunciations, especially söğüt, edirne istanbul and ankara. overall video was vvery informative to those who might not know the anatolian history.
keep up, brotha 😎👍

Author — hasan396


Istanbul is a beautiful city also have a lot of cats 😺

Author — Wicked Avatar


This guy voice's sounds familiar

Daily dose of internet

Author — Abdul Azmeer


Why'd they change it I can't say. People just liked it better that way

Author — Tomos Price


But the real question is:

*Why is this in my recommended?*

Author — Xenemous


2:44 Except Turkey, Turkey makes a brand new Turkey!

Author — Pedro Nunes


Wow you pronounced ankara correctly and you acctual name Istanbul correctly

Author — n ziom