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World Record Edition | Dude Perfect5
It's time to break some recs! (records)

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These guys should get a world record for breaking the most world records in one video.

Author — AlexB2G


That dude is giving out world records like its candy

Author — Claude Debussy


When you edit the comment so no one knows why you got so many likes

Author — Ripstick


My world record

The most missed basketball shots

Author — Wessel van Poppel


*Guinness World Records: Am i a Joke to you?*

Author — Manoharan Ramachandran


World record for most world records broken in a day?

Author — Josh Hyman


Who else got this video recommended in September 2019?

Author — Kodog 7


These people are ultimate physicists and they're sponsored by potato chips! 😂👏👏👏

Author — CAR GUY


2016 : nah
2017 : still no
2018 : NOOO!
2019 : let's put this in the recommendations

Author — oskar life


Last time I watched dude perfect they only had 2 mil subs

Author — Cruss


They're basically getting world records like they are trick or treating for world records.

Author — idiotic justice



Literally nobody:

Dude perfect:

Author — Tyler Williams


They don't need luck, luck needs them.

Author — youth is gone death Awaits


I have just one question, where does this guy keep pulling the certificates from?!

Author — Div


I am literally watching this over 2 years after publication. Does anyone else?

Author — Maciej Popielarczyk


Who else watching on aug 30 2019 like the video if you are



6:51 with that overwhelming joy he would have ended in a new world record for longest jump without parachute!

Author — Srinivas Seenu


6:51, why didn't you do it from the taller building on the right.

Author — Kaiden Wells


Who comes for the second time thx to the ytube recommendation algorithm?

Author — Leo


I think its only one certificate and the guy is giving it again and again😂😂

Author — Daily Zone