What happens after Kazakhstan's leader Nursultan Nazarbayev resigns after 30 years of rule?

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The longest-serving Soviet-era leader, Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev, has stepped down, leaving behind a three-decade-long era that has shaped the country into what it is now.

Nazarbayev held the presidential post since 1990 after serving as prime minister in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. This makes him the longest-serving post-Soviet head of state, and until recently, the only one who hadn’t changed since the USSR broke up.

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Nazarbayev is a dictator!!! stop sprrading fake information about this tyrant!

Author — TheEnsakz


Nothing, he still can pull all the levers.

Author — Kazakh Doge


finally, but there's still his family, i hope it won't be Dariga...

Author — Sofia Madvali


I hope the next is not a zio nwo agent and just a real deal.

Author — Steven c Gutierrez


Kazakhstan is very lucky. It's located next to Russia and China. Otherwise, it probably would have become another Venezuela.

Author — Great Asia


The US will try to install a puppet regime

Author — Kalash Operator


He was getting old and knew it was the best move. Lets hope his successor can maintain their nation.

Author — Ethan D


Macron & his EU puppets should take a leaf out of his book & resign

Author — Sheeple are Lame


Look he is giving up his political administration power but he is still hold on to their country military power. He will be pretty much still in control because he still control the army.

Author — Johnathan Hong


I hope new leader also maintain Kazakastan in 21st century and civilized manner.

Author — humpty dumpty


Stepping down after 3 decades in the top spot, good man! 👊👊

Author — Hosecutter 0


Dictators dont leave somehow until their death

Author — man KHAN


Greatly Needed In North Africa To Help Secure The Ideas Of A Confident Federation *

Author — Antoine Johnson


People are waiting for the resignation of the dictator ! Glory to Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 God bless America 🇺🇸

Author — Стадное Мышление


78? maybe he is sick and wants to enjoy his time left

Author — Unlawful_Falafel


He was a great Turkic leader. Respect him and Kazakh people.

Author — Hamdi Pera


He is 5he splitting image of Chinese and the native indians in the Americas. DNA don't lie!

Author — Darline Williams


He will burning in hell for what he did to his people

Author — lazy_daikon


What chance of all the -stans federating as Stanistan? What a collosus that would be.

Author — Theosphilus Thistler


I was shocked when I heard the news, and I am from the Netherlands. His Excellency Nazarbayev did countless things for Kazakhstan and the region in the past three decades.

I hope for a peaceful political transition and a new president that prolongs the existing policies, while also pushing Kazakhstan further into the 21st century.

Author — Banff454park