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Beach Stereotypes | Dude Perfect5
Beach Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.

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Things dude perfect needs to do in 2017 :

- Plane stereotypes
- School stereotypes

Author — Batman And Robin


I love how no one is talking about how amazing that sandcastle was lol.

Author — Wania Ali


D-did Garret say ‘no’ to a purple shovel HIS NICKNAME IS ‘PURPLE HOSER.’

Author — Andy Foster


Dude perfect you should do road trip stereotypes. Like if you agree so they can see this

Author — Colin McDonald



Author — InfiniteHero 3333


You Found My Comment Out Of 52, 000 Others.
Here Have A Watermelon 🍉.

Author — Satnam Singh


3:33 you have no idea how much I despise this!

Author — ChekersZ Zezer


Save yourselves. Everyone goes on one of the equipment while garret just runs away. Lol

Author — Epic Boy


Why did Garrett want the yellow shovel instead of the purple one if he is the Purple Hoser

Author — Geo Benitez


0:17 how is a person have a camera and he stepped on hot sand

Author — PalFriend Partner


Imagine how long that sand castle took on o build and how many people they had to call in for that family portrait

Author — circuS .Allstar


0:15 This reminds me of a game called acid river...

Author — xXFireCubesXx


You missed the most important one

The family that brings WATERMELON 🔥🌊🤙🏼

Anyone watching in 2019

Author — Bbx Xvhx


Het Cody, Tyler, Cory and Garret we watch you guys in our classroom when someone has a birthday they love your videos they wonder how you do it!🤭

Author — Tara Cupp


hey dube furfect i am korean i like your vidieo but i don't have yours vidieo's meaning i want korean meaning.

Author — 레이나


5:11 is it just me or did you see the olive fall off of his pizza 🍕 (like if you saw it too)


Author — Charlie Morano


Sleep over stereotypes? Like if you agree

Author — Nick Gurr :/ Don’t Think About It


the rage monster went a little overboard but I love it

Author — victoria buntnig


0:55 Cody has a fidget spinner in his hand

Author — Banana Penguin


How Many Likes This Gets Is How Many More Years Dude Perfect Will Keep Making Videos!

Author — Xeno Gaming