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Beach Stereotypes | Dude Perfect5
Beach Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.

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2. cody
3. coby
4. cory
5. garret
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Author — Slow Motion Creation Nation


This is how many people wanna see more stereotypes

Author — Dusty TV


Who else is watching this in summer of 2019



I can't believe Garret wanted the yellow shovel instead of the purple one. :(

Author — Tony Macaroni


*fun fact! When you match the color of the sand that’s when you know when your ready.*

Me: What If my sand is *Black?*

Author — *- Chickwen Nøõdlés -*


Did Garret just reject a PURPLE shovel 😱😱

Author — Keely Rollins


His “Old Man” was the best stereotype EVERYTIME
You will be missed and remembered by the DP squad forever ♾;-;

Author — EX Cørrupt


No one

Literally no one

Random guy: BOB MILLER

Author — Shazam


One like one prayer for Cody’s grandpa

Author — Rory Stokes


Dude perfect you should do road trip stereotypes. Like if you agree so they can see this

Author — Colin McDonald


‘We need all the millers! All the millers!

Author — Zombie Anims wannabe -_-


Tyler looked perfect as the rage monster when he had a sunburn on him

Author — Gacha Draco


Dude perfect: **makes awesome sandcastle**

Me: **snaps the handle of my bucket**

Author — It's Heath and Alexis


I’ve watched 1 million times before but in my opinion rage monster should’ve run over the Sandcastle in the car

Author — Zak Edwards


Who else is wondering how long that sand castle took

Author — Club CCJ


Is nobody going to talk about at 0:39 to 1:09 cody has a fidget spinner

Author — TheTemperIsHigh


You forgot the dude that somehow both chafes and sunburns, and then is in misery for the rest of the week

Author — Nick Nye The Sax Guy


0:44 why is he holding a fidget spinner😂

Author — Arno Reuter


1:43 Well, my work here was completed then a kid showed up and breaks it. *cries*

Author — Robloxian Epic Gamer


Dude perfect should make more stereotype videos

like if you agree 😄😄😄

Author — Happy Cow