Trey Gowdy weighs in on MAGA teen video debate

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Former South Carolina congressman Trey Gowdy weighs in on the racial and political divides in the U.S. #TheStory #MarthaMacCallum #FoxNews

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There's no unifying this country until the Deep State and their MSM minions are dealt with.

Author — Ezio Auditore


Listen! I'm a black man, and I'm going to say something that's going to upset a lot of people, especially black people. And I'm going to make it short. The people that says President Trump is a racist are racist themselves, and they say that because they know that most black people are stupid enough to believe it. I'm so sick and tired of black people talking about the white man this the white man that, and you don't have sense enough to know that all this is political, Trump is the only president that I have ever known to say what he will do and do what he say. If you so smart why do you let one white person tell you that another white person is a racist? Stuck on Stupid!!!

Author — Jacques Minor


What the hell do you mean the teens "set off" a racial debate? The teens did absolutely NOTHING! WTF??

Author — Very Woke


The hats are just an excuse for the left to get violent.

Author — highlandcommando


The liberal demons can justify killing their own children. Don't expect them to care about yours.



I am so sorry for the Native American people I am native White Mountain Apache former Marine honorably discharged proud to be an American Doll to vote for Trump he's a working man working for our country I'm a working man working for my household I saw that native talking on PBS lying through his teeth I am so embarrassed for him so dishonorable I am so sorry for him quite obvious he's recovering from drug abuse and alcoholism he's getting his 15 minutes and he doesn't speak for us all I am Warrior for America. My final note is Pelosi, and the Penguin pull your head out of your ass and do something for America

Author — Gary Griego


The indian tribes lakota say this guy a criminal and liar and do not stand with him

Author — Terri Fischer


Face it, the MSM is just an extension of the Democratic Party.

Author — Mr. D.


I'm black and I would have done the same thing as the kid at his age. All this to distract from building the wall. Just do it already!

Author — TheSpokenWizard


, do your research people turns out the Indian is a paid actor it was all staged

Author — Tom Campbell


Juan Williams is an idiot mouthpiece who doesn’t think for himself.

Author — neverend777


It's obvious from the lack of apologies that most of the news organizations hate chatholics and young white men

Author — John Felle


He's NOT a "native american elder". What a bunch of crap. Come on Fox.

Author — Corvus Crow


The headline is erroneous. Those kids "set off" nothing. It was the left and the media. Fox included.

Author — Daniel Ruprecht


"They'll NEVER vote for you if THEY feel YOU don't like THEM." Excellent point Trey.

Author — Rosemary Storm


The left pushes me to be completely right. The left does that to a lot of folks.

Author — TexasAPG


Honestly, I'm tired of hearing about the 'plight of brown people', I've heard it for 50 years.

Author — Bob Smith


The anti MAGA hat crowd is usually pro choice. People judging me on top of 60 million dead babies. America must turn towards Christ.

Author — warren lamar


I watched the video alot. Those kids said nothing wrong and did nothing wrong. The native American drummer was very provocative and those black Hebrew guys were so incredibly hateful and racist it was shocking. It's now the MSM against white American patriots. The 2nd American Revolution is getting ready.

Author — Pro Patria


The native guy wasn't even in Vietnam. His military records say he enlisted in the USMC in 1972 and was discharged in 1976 at the ginormous rank of E1 (Private). Kept getting in trouble for going AWOL as he had several infractions on his record. He never even left the U.S. and spent his time in Kansas and Nebraska and got out in California. His only military award was achieving Expert with the rifle in basic training. His occupation in the USMC was a refrigerator electrician. He keeps saying he was a Vietnam time/era veteran but he never went to Vietnam. The media is calling him a Vietnam veteran and that's why you can't trust CNN or any of the leftist-run media because they LIE and spread FAKE NEWS!!!

Author — J M