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Violent clashes have rocked the volatile Jammu and Kashmir state in India, which is reeling after a recent spate of bomb blasts and daring militant attacks on security forces.

Indian and Pakistani troops clashed near the ceasefire line in Kashmir late on Tuesday, killing at least four Indian soldiers.

Five Pakistani soldiers were also believed to have been killed in the encounter.

On Wednesday in Srinagar, the summer capital, Kashmir police burned cars and beat people with sticks and rifle butts after militants shot dead three officers.

There were chaotic scenes in central Srinagar when angry Kashmiri police made unprovoked attacks on civilians in the streets.

The police action was prompted by the killing of three of its officers in Srinagar's main business centre.

In a bold attack in broad daylight, unidentified gunmen fatally shot two members of the Border Security Force in the busy central market area called Lal Chowk.

Kashmir police moved in and began beating people with rifle butts and sticks while Border Security Force officers set several cars on fire and smashed windows.

The deputy inspector-general of the Border Security Force, R. P. Singh said the two dead soldiers were on leave and doing some shopping when at least one militant shot them at close range.

"They were about to enter the shop when the militants fired at them from behind. Both of them died there. We cordoned off the area and searched but found nothing. One rifle belonging to the militants was recovered and was given to us by Kashmir police."
SUPER CAPTION: R. P. Singh, Deputy Inspector-General, Border Security Force

Singh said a Kashmiri policeman at the scene chased after a gunman but was in turn shot at close range with a pistol.

After the shooting, about 5,000 people fled their shops and homes in the central area of the city.

Many men and women were pulled out of restaurants, shops or houses, and made to sit in the street before being taken away for questioning.

Witnesses said several shops were set alight, but it wasn't clear whether policemen or protesters were responsible for the arson.

"We are investigating to see what exactly happened. Lets see what we find about the fire."
SUPER CAPTION: R. P. Singh, Deputy Inspector-General, Border Security Force

The confrontation in the busiest part of Srinagar reflects the increasing boldness of attacks on Indian security forces from insurgents seeking Kashmir's separation from India.

Also in Srinagar on Wednesday, a mosque was damaged in an explosion just an hour before a large crowd gathered for afternoon prayers.

No one was injured in the explosion.

Kashmir is the only predominantly Muslim region in Hindu majority India and has been at the centre of a 10-year insurgency by several militant groups fighting for independence or union with Pakistan.

The government security forces sent to counter the insurgents have been accused repeatedly of human rights abuses.

India accuses Pakistan of backing the separatist movement, a charge Pakistan denies.

The two neighbors have fought three wars in the last 50 years, two of them over Kashmir.
They came close to another war last summer when the Indian military battled and evicted Pakistan-backed fighters from strategic mountain peaks in Kashmir.


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If i'm a indin shoulder than i never face stone war only i did what i do my best for save my life and save india..No mercy for stone hand

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Rip to the innocents
Islam ka sarvanash hoga shaitan ka sarvanash hoga
Jihadi suwar hain unko dozakh mein bheja jayega
Har har mahadev
Jai shree Ram
Jai Hind

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It's not good to beat shop owner instead interrogate him and kill the militants

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Government kyom action Nahi lethe ho... Khon fathar bhekthe ho usko goli maro thab tik hoga 100.. 150 ko maro

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Leave our country and stop the occupation and then your soldiers won’t die...such a simple solution just leave

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India ki army Ka sach Dekho, koi inko Marta hai, ye kissi aur ko martey hain. Kutta kehtey hain inko hum

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Sar mein Nahin aata to nahate musalmanon ko maarte Ho is Tarah tumse jarur

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Kiya baat hai excellent work mario saloon ko khuttoon ko BC Indian army

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Saalo ager m hota na to Sarkar Ka order seedy tumko goli tok deta saalo gaandu Kashmir kya lahor be lengy tumhari gaand fad k hath me dengy jai hind jai Rajputana

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Kashmir bana ga Pakistan inshallah do kuta mar Gaya ya allah Kashmir ko azad farma Khalistan zindabad pakistan zindabad 2020 zindabad

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Hang on Indian soldiers are firing and blaming Kashmiri innocent people for that just to get the sympathy and publicity.

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