15 Incredible Recent Discoveries

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Even though we’ve been living on this planet for thousands of years, we’re still a long way from discovering everything about it. Sometimes, we find something that’s been hidden or buried for hundreds, or even thousands of years, and changes the way we think about our own history. Here are some truly incredible recent discoveries that have shed fresh light on the past.

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I wonder how many construction sites have found ancient history and have covered it up just to keep building.

Author — Impulse n SHO


Just because some artifact is found in some country doesn't mean that country invented it. This is the biggest mistake archaeologists make.

Author — MetallicBlue1000


Australian finding is not confirmed! Much of this is obscure nonsense and hardly a revelation!

Author — Steve Jovan


I couldn’t be more disappointed that the dinosaur Sean Funk found wasn’t named a funkosaurus😐

Author — Charli Blake


GOBLEKI TEMPE - yunger dryas - the crater in greenland.

Author — jack benson


You can guarantee about 50% of what we know about the ancient world is wrong.

Author — kevin Leonard


Black Sea is like a heaven for underwater archeology. Before becoming a salt water sea, it used to be a lake. Due to that fact, the chemical structure of Black sea is unique, there are “pockets with no oxygen inside” which have preserved all kinds of shipwrecks during the centuries. As well as there is no oxygen there are different chemicals preventing the sea life devouring the shipwrecks. Excuse me for my poor language.

Author — Viktor Kolev


im sorry but a dinosaur discovered by a guy named shawn funk should be called a funkasaurus.

Author — Jfake Hname


Oh, by the way, one more thing. Starting with the invention of one, and then one by one. Zero was the final and completing invention, which instilled Number with the capacity to infinite.

Author — Glenn Sanchez


The bronze hand is the hand of jamie lanister

Author — Uncle phin


"Ronans moved when Troy fall" R U SERIUS!!!!Romans came 1000 years later! What Roman COINS!!!! in

Author — matondia


Half of these so called facts are crap !
" Romans moved on after Troy fell" Sure !

Author — Big Bill O'Reilly


please do something about that mindless background music!

Author — Dary John Mizelle


To the guy who invented zero, Thanks for nothing!

Author — TNT spez


early human: let's put these stones here
humans in the present: is this a clock? calendar?

Author — ZCuber 21


We are fooled into thinking we are at the pinnacle of intelligence....it is the opposite.

Author — King Geedorah


1:37 😂😂whoever synced that guy to the beat I love you 😂😂😂😂

Author — Charlie's Karts


You forgot to mention that the concept of zero and it's symbol was discovered by the great Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta.

Author — A P


1:38 anyone noticed this mans on beat with his stick..

Author — Adolfo Rios


The 1st item in this video was the Infinity Gauntlet.


Author — Joel Williams