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Welcome to the NEW 24/7 Nintendo Music stream! – Join for the music, stay for the community.


On this stream, the songs you hear are almost entirely picked by YOU, the viewer. Moderators and a few others take your requests 24 hours a day thanks to a nifty system exclusive to our stream.

How to request your songs
- Request from more than 33,000 high-quality songs from ~800 Nintendo related soundtracks all with their own pretty album artworks!

• Pick a song via the search, or just scroll.
• Ping an active moderator or request taker with your song.
That's it!
Requests open every 2 hours. (See timer below album art.)


Since I love Nintendo and creating this stream & our community has been a blast I decided to make this my full-time job. That means I will have to get enough money to fund this & additional features through Patreon and donations.

"Wait, what? You want money for a simple music stream? That's crazy!"

This stream is unlike any other music stream. We have a large, friendly community that is very active. Just chat with us and you'll see! :) I myself work on new features for the stream around 12~16 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are new soundtracks, events, games and MUCH more.

For supporting me you get awesome perks (on Patreon) or Rupees as a present. Thank you!


Stream & community related announcements, giveaways and more are mostly done on our Discord.
You can also find the queue with upcoming songs there!

It's the best place to chat with 7000+ other Nintendo fans & give feedback/requests/suggestions for the stream.


• You get 50 Rupees every 30 minutes if you chat. Type !rupee to see your Rupee amount, watch time and current rank! (30 minutes cooldown)

• With those Rupees you can take part in mini games or use them in our Rupee Shop!

• Hold events and "marathons" where YOU decide which songs play for up to 4 hours in a row!

(Most commands require a specific rank. There's a ton of them!)

Here's some commands:
!requests - Info about song requests
!songlist - Link to our Playlist
!upsince - Days since the start of the stream on August 11, 2017.


Picori — Chat for the first time
Deku — Watch 1 hour
Kokiri — Watch 10 hours
Hylian — Watch 24 hours — Unlock quote commands
Hylian Guard — Watch 50 hours
Subrosian — Watch 300 hours
Twili — Watch 500 hours
Korok — Watch 1000 hours — Pick your own title
Kikwi — Watch 2500 hours
Cucco — Watch 5000 hours

Hero of Time / Champion / Legendary Hero — Ranks for Patreon supporters
King/Queen of Hyrule / Golden Goddess/God — Higher tier Patreon ranks

More ranks to come!


Feel free to DM me on Discord: Dystify#7850

Please contact me if there are any issues so we can resolve them. Thank you!

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