London Bridge attack filmed from all angles

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Footage has emerged of the moment an attacker, wearing a fake explosive vest, is pounced on by civilians, wrestled to the ground and then shot by police on London Bridge.

Usman Khan, 28, died at the scene following the incident just before 2pm on Friday.

Two members of the public died in the terror attack, and several others were injured.

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That bullet saved the UK taxpayers hundreds of thousands

Author — Wolf Gang


The judge that said he shouldn’t be released needs a raise

Author — Orlando Fresno


Those who released him should be ashamed. They are guilty too.

Author — Prolet Vladimirova


"This armed officer from the City of London Police, shoots him dead, at point blank range"
Excellent news.

Author — Adie


I'm glad our officers have now got the balls to put these animals down without hesitation

Author — Robert Morgan


i am seriously thinking that thoses terrorist only attack to be popular lol

Author — Martin698 2.0


God bless the people who stepped in and took him down. More would have died if they hadn't.

Author — Dee Bee


Guardian version: 'Asian Man With Mental Health Issues Murdered By Police'

Author — bla blahblah


I'm glad that people are starting to fight back

Author — Veev M


Those members of the public who took him down are the real heroes here

Author — Retro


Bury him with pigs head, publicly. No virgins then

Author — CarolJune Geoghegan


To think this terrorist was out on parole was only a matter of time before he did this.

Author — Poppa Jacks


He was convicted and the Judge said he should serve a minimum of 8 years yet he out on the streets again after just 7. wtf

Author — Colin Foster


He is a threat until he is dead. It's better him than any other innocent civilian.

Author — Plasidia Retta


Those who let this guy out of jail should serve time

Author — Tom Barry


One down, the rest we are still importing.

Author — Joe Wise


Imagine the surprise of the public when we found out he was always they are always known yet Britain makes all the excuses afterwards.

Author — Rattman 76


Meanwhile there was attack in the Netherlands...😣

Author — icy ivy


A few years in pak radicalised this youth and he started preaching hate on return..terrorism and pakistan the love story continues.

Author — pam4840


Great polish citizens whom restrained him .
Great polish people.

Author — amjad kouli