Trump's biggest fan? Bolsonaro breaks with Brazil's non-aligned past

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Trump's biggest fan? Bolsonaro breaks with Brazil's non-aligned past3.5
On the opening day of Bolsonaro's first state visit from the US, François Picard asks guests, should we prepare for an anti-globalist alliance? What benefits will Trump and Bolsonaro get from their interaction? And whether in closening relations, Trump is attempting to gain a springboard from which he can invade Venezuela.

Along with guests: David Gormezano, Marcia Camargos and Paulo Sotero

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While gay Macron was having fun with his gay body guard the streets of France burned

Author — KonoSuba this Wonderful World


Enough! This woman is crazy, she is not an analyst she is purely a left militant

Author — Bruce W


5:28 Ex-president Lula is a political prisoner? Will she say the same thing about all the people that have been imprisoned such as vice president Michel Temer yesterday?

Author — julio salgado


Much love from USA. This is the start of a wonderful alliance my Brazilian friends :) Look forward to visiting your country very soon.

Author — Anthony Stimmel


Brazil will be a very rich country joining team usa😁

Author — James Jackson


I know you can't be that simple Bolsonaro said he won't discuss it it's a trade for Military equipment Obviously U.S has what they need!

Author — Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier


Non-aligned past? FAKE NEWS! Brazil has helped and participated with the US in WWII (25, 000 troops in Italy), Santo Domingo and other actions in the past. Do your research idiots!

Author — Carl Jito


What kind of democracy is possible with self-claimed president supported by CIA and other nations' military??

Author — ForAmerican


The leftists have te power to lie in such a way that stupid people always believe them immediately!

Author — Patricia Araujo


Brazil was never anti US, but it did acquire a more independent foreign policy during the years of labour party government... US would never let that pass and continue.

Author — silversurfergw


14 minutes in, and I haven’t seen any ‘debate’ yet.
Y’all need to chose talking heads that disagree with each other for it to be interesting.

Author — Braden Anderson


Bomb London, get it over with once and for all.

Author — Johnnyc drums


Brazil now is on the right path. Congratulations . Hugs From Germany

Author — steven Springer


This Marcia lady is totally off beat!! She is propagating Fake News as most stream media in Brazil. She is speaking non sense, not prepared at all😩
Bolsonaro was elected with the majority of voters by a very comfortable margin! He had no TV time, his whole campaign was carried out for free by the people!
Most of congress has been renewed by the voters, and with some very incredible names just to name a powerful one:
she won with the vote of over 3 million people and is very influential.
About crime, the Globalist Media fails to recognize that crime has been supported by previous governments, by reducing the power of the law, not allowing police to do their jobs, since the left inverted values! Criminals have rights and when they kill some one and go to jail, they qualify for a “jail Social Security Reclusion” pay. Mind you this allowance is much higher then what a retired person normal receives😩On the other hand the victim’s family gets nothing, not even a visit from human rights.
Presidente Bolsonaro is an honest man, which refuses to do business with crooks and corrupts. He has surrounded himself with the best team of qualified ministers to head key departments which will make all the difference in allowing him to achieve his goals.
Please keep in mind that main stream media is not interested in propagating the truth. They inject doubts and trash whenever possible to bring down the possibility of positive changes.😎👁🙏🏻

Author — Tonani Tonani


It does not matter what Bolsonaro sounds and looks like. The Israeli government was put in charge to run the country on his behalf. Bolsonaro made a pact with Israel to win this election and he will do whatever the zion regime orders him to do.

Author — Flavia Pinto


Jair Bolsinaro is a real-life Bond villain.

Author — DR Kojack


Clinton=trump? Bolsonaro=FHC? Are you crazy?

Author — luizeduardoadm


No more BRICS... .RICS yes... afterall it is Brazil problem...

Author — Dragos Panescu


Looks as bolsanaro supported paramilitary sags and killers of councilman and judge, employed killers relatives, imprisoned popular president. Hold on Brazilians. Check Glenn Greenwald, intercept - YT

Author — Alex Podolsky


Marcia Camargo is so lost, as a Brazilian she should now Alcantara has been negotiated during Lula and Dilma times too and is actually a space launching, not a military base. Marcia as a Brazilian should know a president cannot allow foreign troops inside the country without congress approval - and this man is so stupid congress would never. Marcia, I am a green voter, but you are a disgrace to the left. People like, blindly spreading Lula's lies, created Bolsonaro.

Author — Luis G A