How Fox News opinion hosts contradicted their own journalist

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How Fox News opinion hosts contradicted their own journalist4.5

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Fox News has officially become the White House propaganda network

Author — Jasper J


Theyre trying to distract you. Oh look car chase.

Author — Miguel Pastrana


Fox News is disgusting. They've always been disgusting. The original fake news network.

Author — Blaine Sandoval


This is why so many Republicans live in an alternate reality.

Author — Ed W


This is why people who only watch Fox news are so clueless. #Sad

Author — Chris Brown


Hannity has no shame. Fox news and its viewers too don't have any brains.

Author — P Square


That car crash was Hannity’s credibility in a nutshell.

Author — SaVii


the fake news is coming from inside the house! LOL

Author — Gerardo


Odd that Fox slams CNN for using 'unnamed sources', yet Hannity kicked off by, um, quoting unnamed sources.
His acting in the second clip was laughably hammy, too. :-)

Author — Chris R


"How many times has the new york times gotten it wrong" says the assclown on fox who has the worst record for accuracy out of any news outlet

Author — These Are Not Joanna Eggs


Democracy dies in dumbness (Faux News).

Author — Mr_RGP


The sad truth about these comments is that journalists are the real heroes in all of this. You people who would rather deny reality & attack journalism for asking tough questions in order to keep power in check are ignorant to American history and traitors to democracy. Yeah I said it.

Author — Randy H


I said a thousand times. Fox News is fake news. It's propaganda at its dumbest form. Y'all that watch Fox News are totally being misled and misinformed in what's happening in the real world. Facts matter folks. These so called journalist are filling you with a lot of BS. Don't listen to them and find the facts yourself. Peace be with y'all.

Author — LittleDragon03


Amazing. Historians are gonna love this stuff.

Author — Die, Master Monkey


Say what you want about liberals.
Soon, and very soon we will see the end of the TRUMPANZEE administration, and that will be a great day for America!

Author — Clara Adams


No surprise here.... Fox is for trumturds.

Author — Rixpix


Glad I don't watch #FOX news and Hannity ... thats brainwashing fake news!

Author — MiMi


Fox news has such insane material! It's like they are trying to create chaos and confusion. Makes me wonder who is paying them to do this.

Author — SweetSea


Trump is trying to model his leadership after his hero, Putin. Step 1 - Control the media - Now we have state run Fox News.

Author — John Paul Jones


Hannity should be arrested bc he lies every time he opens his mouth.

Author — tvhavan