Most Expensive House in the US | 924 Bel Air Rd. California

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Most Expensive House in the US | 924 Bel Air Rd. California

Welcome to an invitation to adventure “Billionaire” – a mind-blowing voyage of all your senses, simply the best new and innovative contemporary estate in the world!!!

After spending lots of time on mega yachts and large private jets that can sell from $50 million to $500 million, it baffled me that no one was developing luxury real estate at those high levels for the super wealthy. I set up my real estate development company in Beverly Hills, California, to cater to the super affluent that demand the very best in life!!!

My mission started five years ago to create the most extraordinary, exciting and dramatic contemporary estate ever built in the most beautiful place in the United States. I searched by land and helicopter to find a setting worthy of creating this masterpiece. I found it by air in the hills of Bel Air, within the platinum triangle of Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel Air. This enclave is home to the most affluent people in the world, from Captains of industry to the Hollywood elite. The weather is unparalleled year-round, nothing but bright sunshine and stars; the lush private oasis nestled in the mountainside are talked about in nearly every corner of the earth. Built upon the single most spectacular view in California, this property has an unrivaled 270˚ view that extends from the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains to the sun-drenched shores of Malibu. Visitors can experience the heart of Los Angeles in one expansive panorama, a singular achievement for California real estate.

After purchasing this amazing property, the real excitement began. With my over thirty years of design experience, I wanted this to be the crown jewel of my career. My team of highly-skilled and passionate visionaries have created and sold eight amazing luxury homes in the past five years, shattering every expectation and redefining every record on the books. The goal with “Billionaire” was simple; every inch of the property in the home had to be innovative, flawless, and meticulously curated. The budget was there is no budget. To keep in line with my mission, I traveled the globe and secured the richest materials the world had to offer, taking it upon myself to personally organize each and every detail. The home technology throughout – the combination of sight, sound and security – is nothing short of cutting-edge and totally flawless. It had to be a home that would leave you in utter amazement! The house succeeds in transcending the bounds of the typical home, and dually functioning as a multi-sensory, all-powerful experience for all who enter it.

“Billionaire” comes completely furnished like no other estate in the world. There are over a hundred incredible art installations that will leave you speechless! I could go on for days talking about this property and although I’ve provided pictures, the real experience is to visit this gorgeous home. If you truly like and demand the finest things in life, this is a must see!

Bruce Makowsky


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Mum: Go to your room!

Me three hours later: **slams door**

Author — Sam


If coronavirus hits, imagine being quarantined to this house.

Author — Aussie Aviation


The cinema room has more seats than I have friends

Author — Matt


Imagine loosing your phone in this house...

Or playing hide and seek😂😇

Author — Filipsnip


I've started saving for this. I'm already at $10.63

Author — applejacks971


Sold for 62% less than the asking price in October 2019, at 94mil

Author — A S


The only thing missing is the genuine feeling of a house.

Author — Abdo Bouchareb


my parents don't believe i'm going to buy this house, i cant wait to prove them wrong.

Author — MoeTheRapper


Celebrities: "We're all in the same boat"
The celebrities boat:

Author — rashh vender


celebrities: my quarantine sucks also, I have to stay at home and its awful

their house:

Author — RadStaz


This is one of those truly rare occasions when if you buy the home, the girl actually does come with it.

Author — Corey Lalone


One day I will make a Mansion Larger than it for my Lifeline my Mom&Dad I love them I live for them.

Author — Heramb's VLogs


Imagine being quarantined in there haha x

Author — Amelie Stevens


Who ever is reading this comment I hope you become successful and be able to afford homes like these :)

Author — Magda Lehman


I’ve started saving for this. I’m already at $7.95.

Author — Radioactive


Ohk U've showed me a Car showroom, A Multiplex, Hotel Bar, Cafe taria, A Resort, Helipad, Sauna, Golf place, etc etc where is the house??

Author — Thakur Shourya Pratap Singh


Vay anasını... İşte o aradığın Türk yorumu benim ! sjsjhkbshsvshsg

Author — Gülşen Kerimova


imagine having a giant hide and seek game in this house with a bunch of your friends

Author — Maximus Sherbina


After 2 month, honey i found another bathroom

Author — Sanju Ghosh


Why do i keep inflicting pain upon my broke ass watching all of these one after another

Author — Animesh Sanyal