Coronavirus in Europe: Two deaths confirmed in Italy

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A second person in northern Italy has died after catching coronavirus.
Doctors there are struggling to contain the spread.
Al Jazeera's Catherine Stancl reports.

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It's because the people infected dont care about others they care only for themselves surely they will go to prison

Author — zhearts banton


0:42 That woman is incubating the coronavirus in her lips 👄

Author — Propel 2015


Yeah thats why the Seria A cancelled the games

Author — Bryan EF


One can't say "don't panic!" when people are dying. This is already pandemic. I'm no racist but if I see a chinese tourist I would ran away. Better safe than sorry.

Author — Greg Mano


It is airborne, and reason for panic, sadly because it was not taken seriously in the first weeks, it is out of control now. 🤧😰

Author — Qtpi_xo



Author — Valentine Hogg


Just a couple of days ago they were patting themselves on the back saying the rate of infections was slowing and now it is popping up in Iran, Italy and at least 8 other countries in Europe. They don't seem to have a handle on it yet. The WHO seems only to praise and validate everything China says or does. I am beginning to suspect they are a branch of the Chinese Communist party 😒

Author — Hans Oconner


This is crazy how the virus is spreading

Author — kingpin outlow


Ours Italian politics in others television looks like a really idiot 🤣

Author — Diego020383


00:48 my gosh what happened to this lady's lips.. virus infection?

Author — Voronoi T


The CEO of WHO (Worthless Health Organization) says there is no need to panic!

Author — True Colors


May GOD help you.may GOD help us...😔 *stay strong ITALY.stay strong all World.❤ i hope health for all of you from IRAN.* we need to be a alittle patient when weather goes warmer it wil end so just *STAY STRONG*



Bruh Italy on Wuhan lockdown ? ...dam it’s really over 😭

Author — Raye Drama


We are in middle of this... And you can feel the fear in the air. People are afraid to speak yo each other or to go out. And all this i happen coz of negligence since the start of this virus.. A lot of people still keep thinking "this is politics" "thats not true" "our medics or hospitals are the best" or lot of bla bla.. But once you see around you people dying you understand that situation is really bad. I onestly im afraid coz I work in restaurant in milan full of turists from all around tha world i don't know who they are or are they safe or not?! . I have a baby and my husband at home and Im pregnant tooo... So i just stopped working, for at least 1 month im gonna stay home. And i think a lot of people should do this, is not just about us but about our families. Thats really serious. Hope God keep this away from everyone.

Author — Lu Du


Covid 9 will reunite feuding nations to fight together.

Author — NoStress NoWorries


Italy has just started to test everyone has flu like symptoms.
In many other countries doesn't happen yet and probably cases are similar or more.
Italy is proving to be really serious and honest in this case.
Patient 0 seems not even from China but from Europe or US. Good luck to all of us

Author — Matt P


Looks like the second epicenter of Corona.
I hope it doesn't spread here too..

Author — Tunisian Beauties


The date says 2/22...its 3/10 and today was the first day we heard about this in America🤔🤔. Our news is making it like the lockdown over there just happened

Author — Kandi


2345 deaths total reported as of today

Author — I know you better


OMG!In Italy, i cant believeee!I was watching news and saw this.I am living in Balkan(i dont want to say what country i am from)but its really near to Italy.I am scared, for this little time coronavirus comr from China to ITALY!How fast will from Italy go to Balkan!?

Author — Leila Music