Greece vs Turkey (feat. Cyprus)

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Is Turkish military stronger than Greek one? How does the geography affect a possible conflict? How would Cyprus fare during all that? Watch the video to find out how would a match-up between these two neighbors go.

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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💬 Comments on the video

The most dangerous battle is the battle of the comment section

Author — Ubisons


Who's here after the latest dispute between Turkey and Greece?

Author — AJ


We need a new Greece VS Turkey video :)

Author — Furkan T


%99 tHerE iS a wAr iN cOMmeNT SeCtiOn
%1 war

Author — mert


This video is 3 years old...maybe do a recap citing recent events... It really is worrying...

Author — George Bizos


Turkish keyboards vs Greek keyboards. Let's see who shall win! Everyone to the comment section!

Author — Halit


TURKEY VS GREECE gives huge losses on both sides and USA wins the war. I am Turkish, but I do not want war. War only breeds war.



This video got outdated very quickly, you mind doing an updated version of this considering the latest events ?

Author — İsmail Emre Çetin


Comment section is a nutshell :
Turkey will capture Greece in 3 mins
Greece will capture Turkey in 3 mins
If Greece invaded Turkey they will get free swimming lessons
This video is propaganda
Some comments are in Turkish or Greek
Turkey will capture the world
Greece will capture the world
The world will end after this war
Germany will start another world war (no idea why)
USA and Russia will win
USA will sell weapons and become univers's biggest economy
The comment section war will end this world
" my grandpa fought war with guns I fight wars with keyboard and mouse, get on my level grandpa" - Dottamaster 1944.
Turkish hunter society has more men than Greece army
WhO iS WaTcHiNg iN 2020?
ThErE iS a WaR iN ThE ComMeNtS
Greeks fight like heroes
Turkish fight like lions
Heroes swim faster than lions

Author — Gurbaj Singh


we dont need a war, we can live in peace

Author — eNes


In other words 3rd party manufacturers will make a ton of money from rearming after the damages

Author — costage


This scenario leaves out EU, NATO and balkans diplomacy as well refugees and internal politics so this is more likely a good what if scenario. 😃

Author — nilou nilou


Well, it seems that we are about to see

Author — thekitchenchikens


Its obvius that you have o idea from war. You told nothing about inteligence services nothing aout the heavily guarded airport and the strategy greece will use. You just made a video ased on what you tink

Author — Daltas DalTas


Captain Junior: A thing is falling is coming near.
Captain: What is this?
Captain Junior: Nationalism and discrimination.

Author — AquilaHycanithum


And the winner is: german arms manufacturers

Author — The Beautiful Ones


It's so reality scenario also very detailed.

Author — Waway


Adaları ve Batı Trakyayı kaybederler , bizimkiler de daha fazla ilerlemez ..

Author — Hain Kostok


imagine war will be on front of Turkey beaches, if Greece want to expand to Turkey land there is prize!

Author — Erkan Yildiz


As a Turkish person, I love Greece. I love my country as well. We are neighbors, not enemies. And the people who sell guns and bullets will disappointing when we hug each other. Peace, friends... Peace...

Author — Volkan Burnaz