The Day the Mesozoic Died: The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs — HHMI BioInteractive Video

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Ever wonder why the dinosaurs disappeared? HHMI BioInteractive investigates the cause of the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period—and the clues come from paleontology, chemistry, physics, and biology.

This three-act film tells the story of the extraordinary detective work that solved one of the greatest scientific mysteries of all time. Explore the fossil evidence of these prehistoric animals, and other organisms that went extinct, through this lively educational video.

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We’re basically living in a post apocalyptic world

Author — RagingPeppers


"I say, Holmes, how do you do it?" "Sedimentary, my dear Watson, sedimentary."

Author — Jeffrey Sommer


I don't know what I'd do without the bearded guy explaining everything.

Author — Bookie Anderson


This video encapsulates everything that is positive in YouTube. I am well versed in the KT boundary event but have never seen it analyzed in such detail. Great video! Hope you folks with kiddos watch this with them and potentially inspire some new scientists, archaeologist, or any other discipline that might apply.

Author — Chuck Hickl


Isn't it amazing how humanity can figure things out which occurred millions of years ago

Author — Rowan Melton


Dinosaurs: *enjoying life*

Asteroid: “so I started blasting”

Author — RO PZ


Dinosaurs: Vibing

Some rock: Ima boutta end this mans whole career

Author — Hair Ball


thanos: *wipes out half of the human population*
This asteroid: hold my space dust

Author — Jackaboi TV


when you think you're having a bad day, think of this.

Author — Ziggy The Adventurer


Primates, whose evolution lead in a promising direction for humans..

Que video of a drunk guy at 4am fighting a traffic cone.

Author — InframePerformance •


OMFG, the idiotic comments here are seriously scary. People actually believing this is all fake? How absolutely bizarre. It looks like only a small portion of humanity are able to use the brains that evolved. Thank you for an excellent presentation, biointeractive.

Author — Meg Oceanna


Very informative. Great documentary and hats off to these dilligent scientists.

Author — Jammin' with Jambo


Omg I can geek out on dinosaurs all day! Lol I really can 😅❤ fascinating.

Author — Megan Conn


Outstanding recap of the search for the Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs and allowed the rise of humans. I would totally recommend this for middle school to adult and even younger if they are enthusiasts.

Author — George Gamarra


I still remember the day like it was yesterday when my 8 th grade teacher said with confidence that the dinosaurs died because there brains where too small.

Author — silo3849


Lol Im in Mexico now:)

Doing a trip yucatan and now more below.

Author — Dra Dikketrip


If aliens are watching us, they are probably trying to figure out where they went wrong in educating us, and aren't sure if they want to accept the responsibility!

Author — Robert Densel


A future scientist will find a toxic plastic layer representing our time. 😷

Author — Hangover Chilly


They do—I’m watching it for Junior High Science right now!

Author — Blake Gillespie


I've never watched a 34 mins long video on YouTube before but this video kept my interest.
It was so interested and was like a short movie of time before our life and the beginning of our life.
#.Thank you so much sir bringing this video on YouTube. love from India.

Author — suraj thakur.