The controversy behind Turkey's move to reconvert Hagia Sophia into a mosque, explained

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Turkey’s top administrative court on Friday annulled a 1934 government decree that converted Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia into a museum, paving the way for the iconic building to be turned back into a mosque.

Built during the Byzantine empire, the Hagia Sophia was at the heart of Christendom for some 900 years before being converted to a mosque during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

Now, Turkey’s current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is pushing to have it reverted to a place of worship in a move that has triggered outrage around the globe.

To understand the controversy, we need to go back to its origins in the sixth century.

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Thank you for saying the name properly!!

Author — Thanos Kavalas


Mehmet the conqueror reminded me of Aegon the conqueror of game of thrones

Author — abdulaziz Zayid


Sooner or later, Turks will have to pay the price for their constant provocations since the Islamist Erdogan won presidency.

Author — FREEMAN


The more places where God is worshipped the better!

Author — Brad Suarez


If Russia doesn't do anything about this they are weak

Author — Matthew Hopkins


watch me and company burn some mosques soon, check ur local news

Author — mario nikola


All I’m saying is if the Uk started something like this there would be massive outcry of rage even though it’s their sovereign right like what everyone is saying about this current situation

Author — AyyySample


well from this I understand there are many jerks are there in Turkey (Antioch)

Author — __'WΩLVΞRINΞ'__


Great to see the mosque in function again its the blood price of our soldiers who fought for there independece we will toghter see in 2 weeks the live stream for the firday prayer live in the hagia sophia insallah

Author — Unnamed Named


Muslims have ruled in Spain more than 8 centuries, their mosques are turned into churches, temples, museums and even nightclubs, yet no one has ever utter a word about them. What is the cause of this international cries? why do we have selective amnesia?

Turkey, like any other sovereign state has the right to decide what to do with what they've, stop interfering its affairs and learn to mind your own business.

Author — M Raoof mansoori


It's very common in every Muslim majority country, not happening for the first time.

Author — roni roy


Do you think you praying in Hagia Sophia will bring you to heaven ? İt's means nothing if you still have envy.. greedy.. sex abuse .. hate.. liars .. children marriage (there's a lot children marriage in Turkey) etc

Author — Salty Mighty27


Then why did Atatürk convert it into a museum anyway?

Author — Komnenit


Ataturk didn't make hagia_sophia museum to respect religious heritage but to develop or promote secularism in turkey.
Though it was also his political move/decision but world of some Muslim and majority non Muslims didn't see any politics there.
they only can find political benefits when it comes to Islam or to the Muslim ummah. what a hypocrite so called moderate world we have!

Author — Abdul Mubin Chowdhury


To Global news: The Agia Sophia was built on european soil before it was stolen by turks.

Author — Larson Clarke




Author — red king


It’s okay .u don’t see Jerusalem and India other places how they change history y u worries about now take it easy

Author — siraj ma


At least it didn't turn to pedophile church

Author — Earthy Nomad


Man the only thing I wish that God or the creator of heaven and earth will left the hagia Sophia in ruins for good so that religions will never ever fight again for good. Someday, you'll see.

Author — Knight on a horseback


How quickly they can divide us!!!! Weak very weak indeed.

Author — Daily dose of random videos