Turkish VAN LIFE adventures - A very NUTS day in GIRESUN

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Turkey’s Black Sea coast line continues to give us wonderful surprises as we meet up with a follower in Bulancak & visit the town of Giresun. We are really enjoying our Van Life Adventure here in Turkey.

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Travel vlog 345 | Giresun | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

If a Turk invites you, there is no way you can pay. Hospitality has been an ingrained tradition to all Turkic people since we left the Altai mountains.

Author — restless soul


Turkey produces the 70% of world's hazelnut

Author — Oğuzhan akbaş


You two are doing more for tourism in Turkey than anything I’ve seen before. When this a pandemic is over I hope Turkey will get lots of tourists visiting the areas you have visited and not just those Tourist resorts where no one centres out

Author — Linda Santamaria


I never thought about going to turkey before but i really want to go now .. love ur videos ..

Author — Clare Justice


7:25 “Yeah, findik!” That sounds super cuuuute. 😁

Author — Safiye Unal


Melek means Angel in Turkish. Every girl I've met called Melek really has been like an angel. 😊

Author — Michael Yeovil


Turkey is a magnificent country but watching your videos, it feels one could just visit for the kindness of its inhabitants.

Author — Beni Laur


Those places are just stunning and the people so friendly. The underpass is something else but alas I wonder how long something like that would last in the UK. We always found the youngsters in Turkey to be so respectful. "Maybe we could learn something". Love your travels. Looking forward to the next video. Take care 💙❤️👍

Author — John Bateman


Im Turkish myself and My husband From England. He is so happy to live in Turkey than anywhere else, We are watching your videos with a big smile on our face 💙🙏🏻 Kisses and Hugs ☮️✌️

Author — Bujka Bujka


I am originally from Giresun but I borned and raised in Istanbul. So unfortunately I have never visited my homeland. Don't know if it is a proper excuse though. Thank you guys for showing me there.

Author — Denizcan Köse


We Turks use the word “pasta” for” cake” not “dough”.So Fındık pastası is translated as Nuts cake.

Author — Irfan Kuran


Wow!!! Turkey sounds like a very nice place to come and visit. The people seem so nice and generous.

Author — animallover


As usual a super Video of Turkey with lots of interesting places to see and all those nuts WOW. What lovely friendly people the Turkish people are we will have to go one year.Keep Safe Both

Author — Sandra Fallover


Giresunlu hemşerilerime buradan selam olsun.



KADAYIF....Memlekete gittiğimde her gün uğradığım mekan MUSTAFA PATAR.Sayenizde gitmiş kadar oldum ayaklarınıza sağlık.👏👏👏

Author — ibrahim uzun


Great show, as always! Makes me want to head to Turkey to live out of a van.

Author — Biological Carrier


So good once again, it brightens my day to see more of Turkey presented by you guys. So many surprises in places that are rarely seen by us all.
Keep up the good work guys, as an ex miner we say "keep your timber up" but with you guys the saying is "keep those batteries charged" the more charge the more content we can enjoy. Keep safe guys.

Author — Eric Marshall


Great work you two. Love the country and the people and can’t wait to visit again.

Author — Andy Russell


Pasta means cake/pudding in Turkish. Hence hazelnut pasta

Author — HalimAbanoz


you guys are amazing, I never get bored watching you! its so cool of you to never feel lazy to travel all around Turkey, including small villages and little-known towns. i hope your energy and enthusiasm will never get any less, it is such a pleasure watching you explore my country. loves from Gaziantep. (which you should definitely stop by and have some great baklava and kebab :) )

Author — apriludgate