Top View : Hyderabad Gachibowli Biodiversity Flyover Car CCTV Footage | TV5 News

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Top View : Hyderabad Gachibowli Biodiversity Flyover Car CCTV Footage | TV5 News

Car falls off newly-inaugurated Biodiversity flyover in Hyderabad
The flyover, situated in the heart of the city’s IT sector, was inaugurated earlier this month by Municipal Minister KTR.
Hyderabad’s Gachibowli area on Saturday after a speeding car travelling on the newly-opened Biodiversity flyover lost control and fell off the bridge, damaging two cars underneath the flyover.

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Ilanti lanajkodukulu entertainment kosam speed ga velli amayaka prajalu ne champtharu

Author — venkat vj


Intha speed lo destination destination a miguluddi..

Author — Pavan kumar


After seeing this video I have reduced my speed from 40 km/hr to 30 km/hr Do you reduce speed? Oka like vesukondiee if you agree

Author — Rajesh Kumar Burra


We should have to provide Bitumeneous layer on cc roads

Author — SEKHAR YT


Please drive slowly my Will be late but we will reach Life is precious



Chaavu epudu ela vasthundi evariki teliyadu so una Anii rojulu navthu santhosh ga bathakali...

Author — murali sai


clearly a case of over speeding and negligent driving

Author — Pani Kompella


Ye daridram yelaa unnaa.... paapam anavasaramga kinda unna lady meeda ee car padi aavida poyaaratakadaa .... Life....Destiny....

Author — Amar Nath


The road must bend towards the angle of curve so that the weight of car and the curve will have accurate friction. The engineers must watch Formula 1 track before they design such bridges. On other hand, The People must not press clutch during sharp turns. Because it will make vehicle run smoothly and the friction will be lost.

Author — Md Habeebuddin Omer


Govt of Telangana should take serious action on the driver because of his arrogance one lady lost her life
totally a case of over speeding
bridges are only for avoiding traffic

Author — Mohammed Hussain


Last month a chip fell from a metro wall, killing a woman. Now a freaking car fell on a woman. What else should commuters Dodge to get to their destination safely man!

Author — ROHITH Goud


High level arrogancy by drugs/alcohol, why police not revealing about driver

Author — J Chan


so no one is going to talk about the height of boundaries of flyover.
its barely 2 feet

Author — Irfan Ali


GATTUKONAM formula petty tayyaru cheyyaledemo bridge ne enganears &sides lo addanga hight penchali kindaki padakunda

Author — Munugala Manohar


Vadiki straight driving matrame vachemo..daridrudu

Author — Telugu Vedantham


ఈ సంఘటన చూసిన తర్వాత ఐన బండి Speed తగ్గించి నడపండి అందరూ....pls

Author — ganga grgsn


Epadikina CHETLU importance telsu kuni savandii.. Because of tree car force reduce by hitting the road..

Author — CHowRastHaa Chatt.


If you watch all the vehicles traversing that section of motorway, you'll see that the red car was going approximately twice as fast as all the other vehicles. Clearly, the driver was going too damn fast for that curve.

Author — HansDelbruck53


The barrier looks like ramp what the hell??

Author — Sabit Hossain


Inka nayam aa car mundu evadu ledu unte vaadu vacchi hitech city lo padevadu akkadinundi

Author — Upendar Jillapally