The Beginner’s Checklist For Mastering Your Money | The 3-Minute Guide

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Target date funds:

Learn how to negotiate:

Best budget for your personality:

Two easiest ways to pay off debt:

Emergency savings fund:

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Hi The Financial Diet,

As a consumer who wants to be financially secure, your advice can be invaluable. However, as a deaf consumer, I consistently run into the barrier on your channel regarding the lack of closed captioning. I 100% need subtitles in order to understand the valuable content you communicate to your audience, which hopefully includes persons who are deaf, as well as ESL language learners. Thanks!

Author — Anna Kasper


The $1000 mark sounds much less daunting than 3-6months of emergency funds. Thanks for the tips.

I'm still a student and live with my parents but as I got my first (Sat) job, it is just so much more important to learn how to manage money better.

Author — Mrs Remi


You guys need a podcast. I'd listen everyday

Author — Aaliyah Hubbard


My internet/cable bill literally just went up $20. Been putting off calling Comcast, but will do my best to do this today. Writing it on a post-it right now.

Author — FutureNow


Can we get advice that is not just for people in the US? I enjoy this channel, but it probably has many viewers who are not from the US.

Author — Annie V.


Hey would u guys do a video on advanced ideas, like estates, wills, life insurance etc etc

Author — gabzz


I really wish so many of these are not so US focused, we could really use a UK version of this.

Author — David Macarthur


My debt is still crushing me, but I've at least paid off a couple things thanks to the snowball method. Thanks for the reminders of some other things to continue to focus on!

Author — loveasinspace


I really love this channel! I’d love to have something like this for Germany as well because some of the things you talk about such as credit score and retirement plans are different from country to country

Author — Marie


Watching this again after hearing it before... it makes a lot of sense and is a great guide

Author — P Eff


Love the checklist info & great advice.
Greetings from South Africa

Author — Alicia Una Ryan


Loved this video. Im going to try to listen to it every week this summer

Author — Raven The Mogul


Awesome video. I especially love the point of spending on what you value. I'm using a bunch of budget travel hacks and some savings and using it to travel to Europe because I value being able to travel there. My other family members value travel within the country much more and that's totally ok. But you have to know what you want.

Author — Lauren Conrad


This was just the thing I needed. We’re half way through the year I was reviewing my NY resolutions i’ve got some of these down but its nice to have it all in checklist form to know I’m covering my bases.

Author — gabzz


dropped out and became a construction worker, raking in 1100 a week whilst living with my parents XD

Author — Hustle Humbly


This is a great video for people starting out just thinking about money. Thank you!

Author — Elaine Robbie


financial advice/savings tips for single parents-like myself...:)
savings fund for children?

Author — zel1012


A few weeks back you guys were sponsored by wealth simple, a company which helps you to invest your money. I'm really excited and ready to start investing but I'm also really nerviis handing thousands of pounds off to a company I don't really know anything about. Could you do a video exploring and explaining both wealth simple and other investment options?

Author — James Reynolds


It says review your credit report, is that just to make sure there is no fraud? I was expecting that also to be for knowing your credit score, but when you go to the site to check, it doesnt include that

Author — jag519


Since I started watching your videos I became more aware of my spending habits, made it a point to pay off all of outstanding credits, I also wanted to raise my credit scores, and, strangely enough, I started organizing my room?! 😊 i had to buy drawers and storage boxes but it is much more fulfilling than just buying new clothes and bags, but hey, must be the almost-30-year-old in me becoming more mature and adulting too hard. Best feeling ever was when I decluttered my closet and made space for which my soon-to-be-hubby can put his clothes and the likes. Thanks for inspiring me and many others to be better versions of ourselves.

Author — primadonna1208