Top 10 Military Drones in the World | Best Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) 2019

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***Top 10 Military Drones in the world (2019)***

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* An unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), also known as a combat drone or simply a drone, is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that usually carries aircraft ordnance such as missiles and is used for drone strikes.
* In this video, we present you the top 10 best Military Drones in the World today. Our list depends upon many factors like Maximum take off weight, engine used, power, speed, endurance, service ceiling, armament and few other factors too

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(Credits to Deathstalker627, mikoyanster and Spiritus Raptor)

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Bu sıralamaya göre, ilk 5tekilerin hepsi Abdnin, 6. sıradaki Fransanın ardından Türkiyenin Ankası. Fransa 3-4 Avrupa ülkesiyle üretiyor. Türkiyenin önünde bu listede sadece Abd var. Normalde bir de Çin var.. Türkiye siha alanında Dünya 3.sü.. Akıncı Tihasıyla

Author — KARA KUTU


There are new types of Turkey drones, Akinci UAV and Aksungur which both are more advanced than Tai Anka drone!

Author — Ismail Abdukadir


u r advertising US drones, where is BAYRAKTAR TB2

Author — Hassan Adan


The Neurons were very succesful and they now run five with a two seater Rafales and were used in combat.

Author — Luc Rolland


anka s destroyed 8 air defense system.i guess u underrated anka.

Author — ozi oz


We from Indonesia support you, Turkey

Author — oemara trade


TAI Aksungur, TAI Goksungur And Baykar Akinci are comming from Turkey :)



At 3:35 she said "maximum range is 2000 kilograms".😆😅😂
Few minutes later she did it again, she just keeps making mistake after mistake.

Author — Aviation Nut


WTF kind of fuel does the Global Hawk use if it can fly for 32 hours up to a range of nearly 23, 000 Km?! That's insane!

Author — JohnnyNismo


And I think to my self: What a wonderfull world..

Author — Mija Devi


These video clips are from the works of arms dealers, a lot of advocacy

Author — 汪子盛


Turkish drones are way better coz they showed how to destroy 5 russian air defence system in same day

Author — ocean chanel


That's why everyone hits turkey 🤣go turkey 😎

Author — Tony Mog


Anka is impressive and battle proven in Syria but if Akıncı come in the segment, it will be best

Author — Ghost Rider


Alhamdulillah! Turkey have different hi tech armed

Author — Alamin Islam


Where is China my love??
And your voice is very beautiful
What’s your name. ?
I think from Russia ??
Israel etc.

Author — Prince Mirza Imtiaz Baig Moghul


Why does she keep referring to range in kiloGRAMS haha

Author — Cloud Strife


Neuron must stay with the two at the top...
Moreover Leonardo Hummerhead and the famous Falco used also from UN are missed...

Author — TeslaFan


Apparently, the only evaluation of drones is how much patriotic You tubers some country has. Also, how naive they are.

Author — HBMPaladin


Please make a video of top 10 tactical nuclear missile

Author — Mustafa khan