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June 9, 2011 — The March 11 earthquake and tsunami left more than 28,000 dead or missing. See incredible footage of the tsunami swamping cities and turning buildings into rubble.

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Rare Video: Japan Tsunami | National Geographic

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Huge respect to Japan, the way they stand again and again after so many natural calamities.

Author — p BAGRi


Reading some of these comments makes me feel sad 😔

Author — Kariyu


I'm japanese. thanks for all disaster relief.
when I 14years old, this disaster has occurred.
I have the good fortune to Live 10 years.
I can't forget all grace, kindness.
I'm not good at English. but I thought I should be write my feelings, gratitude.
I wish happiness will come to all people. thanks.

Author — ポムポムプリン


Fun fact: Japan was the first country to respond when we had a massive earthquake here in New Zealand. Funny how Australia is meant to be our sister country and yet another country half way across the globe managed to get here and help before a sister country that's a 6 hr flight at most. Much love and respect for Japan ♥ Arigato

Author — Mr Saint


"Water is one of the softest thing on Earth, but it can crush even the hardest objects"

Author — Rohan Singh


Literally Noone:

YouTube: You NEED to see this 8 years later

Author — TKS


My heart breaks to all people who died.. also to the cats, and dogs, and pets.. 😭

Edit: I should have typed animals instead of pets but I think at that moment, I couldn't find the right term to use for some reason so I typed pets. Anyway, thanks for the hilarious replies and unexpected likes.

Author — LJ Aranda


I am Japanese.

I'm sorry if it's strange English.
We Japanese will never forget the country that helped us at this time.
Thank you very much.
If your country is in trouble or unhappiness comes, we guarantee that you will always go to help.
thank you very much.

Author — PDF.Kindle色んな用


The wave was traveling 5 miles per SECOND? That’s crazy AF.

Author — nickstl77


Humans: throws trash in the ocean

Ocean: Right back at ya buddy

Author — Tucan 223


How are you standing again and again after every calamity.

Japan: I can do this for all day

Author — Billionere Mind


No one:
YouTube: Hey wanna watch a video of a tsunami in japan 9 years ago?

Author — Prizm


The Japanese writing english comment is better than my essay.

Author — Liouxs Brent Espinosa


Rest in peace everyone who died. My uncle was one of them who perished

Author — Phoenix Gaming


Literally everyone in Comments these days: "Literally no one"

Author — Wolfe


Me and my husband were there in Tokyo....when this happened....experienced about 650 aftershocks after that in next 3 days japan was back on it's foot from next to the spirit of Japan

Author — anamika atre


This is one of the *acts of God* and a glimpse/evidence of His power.

Author — URHO


God Bless those who lost their loves ones during this event, give them comfort and peace.

Author — Phillip Young


Japan: Tsunami

Japan again: Standing Strong

Japan again n again: Trying to save others


Japan once again: Filming

Author — Atharva Dixit


I hate seeing Japan getting crushed by Mother Earth itself.

Author — O9 Unspekbleg