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June 9, 2011 — The March 11 earthquake and tsunami left more than 28,000 dead or missing. See incredible footage of the tsunami swamping cities and turning buildings into rubble.

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Rare Video: Japan Tsunami | National Geographic

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Literally Noone:

YouTube: You NEED to see this 8 years later

Author — TKS


My dream has always been a beachfront house but this makes me rethink things.

Author — Electric Future


RIP my friend. He died while trying to evacuate through tall building yet hit his head hard to the ground, left unconscious. Already been a decade....

Author — Kuma40


I can't imagine having to watch a city you grew up in just get swallowed and destroyed, and taking the lives of loved ones in the process.
May everyone Rest In Peace.

Author — Taiyo


Hi, I’m Japanese and I was 4 years old when this happened.
I guess I’m fluent in English because I lived in America before.
I decided to write this because recent reports say that there’s going to be a very big earthquake coming up in Japan in the next 10 to 30 years.
By the way I’m copying and pasting this to most of the Great East Japan Earthquake videos I can find, so that many people can read it :)

4 years old is the age when I was in preschool (or kindergarten?), and I was on my mom’s bicycle (in japan, there are these kinds of bicycles called mamachari that most moms with kids have, and they have seats where kids can sit at the back or the front).
Anyways, I don’t remember what I saw or felt at that time because I was so young plus I was sleeping... but my mom recently told me that the utility poles were shaking sideways, even though we lived in a place that was about 400km (248.55 miles) away from where the earthquake occurred.

and I think you guys know, but Japan suffers from A LOT of earthquakes. Earthquakes with the magnitude of 1 to 5 are quite normal for us because they happen all the time.
But that doesn’t mean that we’re not scared of them. We definitely get scared and worried because we know big, tragic earthquakes can happen. Some people have traumas, because their mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, friend, or pet passed away from an earthquake. or maybe because they witnessed big earthquakes or tsunamis before.

In this 3.11.2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, more than 22, 000 people have been reported dead or missing.
Every Japanese citizen pray and mourn the loss of the victims on March 11th.

Humans actually lose their lives from natural disasters like this, and in this case of earthquakes, people can die from
1)drowning from tsunamis
2)hit/squashed by furniture that fell to the ground (suffocation)
3)burned to death (by fire)
4)other diseases caused when a person spends their time at the evacuation shelter too much (this especially happens to old people/ the elderly, because they often have chronic illnesses/diseases.)

I don’t know where you’re from, but some of you might think “wow this is so scary, but big earthquakes won’t happen in my country. we’re totally fine.”. I know, I really know- that earthquakes are rare in some countries. But I feel like it’s still better to prepare for them. In Japan, buildings have become stronger than ever, and citizens have prepared things just in case. Most of us have emergency kits/bags to bring outside when disasters happen. In Tokyo Disneyland, all employees participate in evacuation drills that are held about once in two days.
What I’m trying to say is, preparation is necessary.. but even if we prepare a lot, sometimes we can’t win against nature.

Sorry for writing this long.
Thank you for all of the support — with money, materials, or words — people all around the world have given us.

Author — Lisa M


Reading some of these comments makes me feel sad 😔

Author — Kariyu


The fact that Japan has suffered so much in their past and is still one of the top tier economies in the world is just mind blowing.

Edit : there's so much toxicity in the replies like dayum, I'm talking abt natural disasters

Author — Samarjeet Bhonsle


As a Japanese student we prayed for the people who died in school today. RIP

Author — pxstelxsunflxwer


Can't believe this was 10 years ago. I remember my 9 year old self reading Attack on Titan while this wild Tsunami hit Japan. Props to the Japanese people and their government for getting back up even after all these calamities.

Author — Abdullah Tariq


The way it just rips away whole buildings is just phenomenal and scary

Author — nothingEvil101


Pov: you came from a tiktok of how big tsunamis can be

Author — Lucky


After all these 10 years, we find ourselves still struggling. The loss and damage still make us speechless sometimes.
However, we never forget the support and warm encouragement we received from all over the world back then we were in the midst of the tragedy.

We are moving forward with gratitude for your support.
We will convey your great support to our children.

thank you so much for your love.
from Japan

Author — m t


Thinking about all the pets that got caught up in the tsunami :(

Author — chicorefrito


10 years have passed since this earthquake.
Everyone, please don't forget this video. The tsunami will destroy everything.
Those who live in the coast should quickly evacuate to the high ground after the earthquake.
The tsunami will reach land in a very short time. Please save your life.
Thank you for your help from all over the world. Love, from Japan.

Author — シェルドン・クーパー博士


0:55 I hope that guy that ran across the bottom right lived

Author — Lucid Soundz


Recommended this 9 years later,
I feel so sad for these peoples, and their families 😭😭

Author — Oni Chan


Nah I didn’t come from tiktok. I came cos New Zealand had a 7.2 and 8.0 magnitude earthquake and we just received a tsunami warning

Author — mj63 02


I was literally searching up on Tsunamis out of curiosity only to realize it's March 11, 2021. Exactly a decade since this has happened.

Author — Scribby


Almost 10 yrs have passed already from that unforgettable day..
I never forget a week I spent with no electricity, no water, no information, no supermarkets, but also never forget the warmth of ppl who shared me food and some water and the sky full of stars.

Author — Diver K


Huge respect to Japan, the way they stand again and again after so many natural calamities.

Author — p BAGRi