Why Turkey is invading Syria

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… and how it’s getting what it wanted.

On Oct. 9, 2019, Turkey launched an attack in northeastern Syria. Turkey made the move shortly after the US announced it would remove some of its troops from the region.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had his eyes on the region for years. Turkey, he argued, needed a “safe zone” to serve as a buffer against the Syrian War happening just across the border. Yet back home in Turkey, there were other factors at play that accelerated his calls for an invasion that involved Erdoğan’s own political survival.

The move has recalibrated alliances in the Syrian War and added new uncertainty on the future of the region.

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Hi everyone! We wanted to share some of our sources for critical points in the video:

UNCHR has tracked this official count since the start of Syria’s civil war and there are indeed still many that are unaccounted for.

Author — Vox


You know the old saying: "Foreign wars are how Americans learn geography."

Author — Jean Louw


Syria : *has oil*

USA : *sniff sniff*

Syria : Who are you?

USA : I'm here to help.

Author — Ölü Messerschmit


Americans killed 1.5 million in Afghanistan and Iraq

Author — Calm your Farm


Why usa invade syria?
Why russia invade syria?
Why iran invade syria?
Next videos please

Author — Abo Tariq


America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests
-Henry Kissinger

Author — Lantz Reinheld


Please stop the lying America has never helped Syria ever

Author — Km6 offical


I came to read comments of people who don't even know where Turkey is, acting expert on middle east problems

Author — Washinout


Most of these anti-american comments are coming from americans themselves and that kinda makes me laugh.

Author — Edward Sallow


There is some extreme whataboutism here in the comments. Anyone who sees this please turn back it’s not worth it.

Author — Stormboxer


syria: wait a minute who are yo

usa: we are here for your oi... i mean to help

syria: we dont need your help thank you

usa: we are he to help . please do not resist

Author — Mustafa Areeb


America is like that annoying kid in school where when he finds out you have something he wants he won’t leave you alone
But instead of a Dyson V-12 Submarine Lawn Vaccuum, it is oil

Author — Shaan Farooq


usa - we have stolen as much as we can, time to bring the soldiers home

Author — Yasin Hasan


Why are the Turks called 'invasions' when they operate? Why are countries like USA UK only referred to as 'operations'?

Author — 1a2b3c4d


1:08 he says that he wants to make a safe zone by cleaning up the terrorists .

Author — Seyhan Kilinc


Turkey is attack to syria but syrian people escaping to Turkey instead to escape opposite direction of Turkey

Author — Burak Y.


thank you for not saying miles, and using kilometers,

Author — Mbk Lig


Turkey attack brutally makes them refugees. But they all refuge to Turkey? There are weird things going on the news :D

Author — Furki


When you attack, peace happens when we attack war?

Author — Enes Köse


This is very sided. To the point of making it invalid for a discourse.

Author — Deniz Giyik