Why Turkey is invading Syria

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… and how it’s getting what it wanted.

On Oct. 9, 2019, Turkey launched an attack in northeastern Syria. Turkey made the move shortly after the US announced it would remove some of its troops from the region.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had his eyes on the region for years. Turkey, he argued, needed a “safe zone” to serve as a buffer against the Syrian War happening just across the border. Yet back home in Turkey, there were other factors at play that accelerated his calls for an invasion that involved Erdoğan’s own political survival.

The move has recalibrated alliances in the Syrian War and added new uncertainty on the future of the region.

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Hi everyone! We wanted to share some of our sources for critical points in the video:

UNCHR has tracked this official count since the start of Syria’s civil war and there are indeed still many that are unaccounted for.

Author — Vox


America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests
-Henry Kissinger

Author — Lantz Reinheld


No one is talking about why US is stealing Syrian OIL. lol

Author — ali abdi


Why do I get the feeling that this is not the whole story.

Author — cliponic


Yet turkey takes one of the largest amounts of immigrants, Ok America y’all can’t talk when you are literally just in the Middle East for one thing, Oil.

Author — Khan Sahinkaya


Why US invaded Syria? Will you also make a video on that? Just curious!!! haha....

Author — Kickbackand Relax


thank you for not saying miles, and using kilometers,

Author — Mbk Lig


The U.S is like that spoilt child who wants to play with everyone else's toys, who then ends up getting quickly bored with said toy and breaks it, then leaves the original owner of the toys in tears, wanting their toy to be fixed.

Author — Sicao is dead


We all know who leads to the war, America.

Author — Am Will


Lesson Learned : Don't trust Americans.

Author — Sir Psycho


8:19 “Turkey invasion has been brutal” lol just lol you can check in google how USA invaded syria and how Turkey did. SDF is another terorist organization not other things or “peaceful angels”. You cant trust rebels or terorists, imagine that USA has a terorist organization just in nearby to border and another similiar (and has same idea) one is attacking USA cities. What will you do?

Author — Murat Koçak


I came to read comments of people who don't even know where Turkey is, acting expert on middle east problems

Author — Washinout


Sdf: we are aligned with pkk
Vox: according to turkey that is

Author — Alperen 0485


Idk I don't normally trust American Sites to cover these stories, they almost always dont include themselves in the problem equation

Author — Harnesh Khaira


Make a vidoo about "Uncle sam, the betrayer".

Author — Kurdish Captions Team


Like this

Problem. Done. Problem

oh earth

Author — Frederich Actaeon


Next video: why US invading every country

Author — Michael McNamara


They have millions of refugees and they will relocate them in North Syria

Author — Dario _Fnatic


While the US is simply “deployed” there, “visiting” its oil fields.

Author — M N


There is a always a reason why PKK wanted to take their stolen land back

Author — Kluky