Dozens of Kazakhstan Protesters Detained at Rallies On Leader's Birthday

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Kazakh police detained dozens of protesters who took to the streets of major cities, Saturday, July 6, to mark the 79th birthday of veteran leader Nursultan Nazarbayev and demand he cede power.

Authorities detained dozens of people in Kazakhstan's two largest cities, as protesters staged the latest in a series of rallies against newly elected President Qasym-Zhomart Toqaev.
Demonstrators marching Saturday in the capital, Nur-Sultan, were confronted by uniformed and plainclothes police officers and were forcibly dragged to nearby police buses, according to witnesses.

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Kazakhstan dictator country! KAZAKHSTAN corruption country!

Author — Акс Рагнарок


Did he say something about a revolution?

Author — FROST Y


Не возможно смотреть на бесправие граждан, нужна другая тактика

Author — Lika Star


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Author — Првов Овивлл


This is just plain ridiculous! People in Kazakhstan have no basic human rights! No freedom of speech whatsoever! Nazarbayev is a Traitor and a sick Dictator! One old man in power for 30 years!!!! He treats Kazakhstan people like goats! He has to go! He must be locked up! Police in Kazakhstan are enemies of the people ! With no explanations just repress peaceful people and lock in jail! Messed up clueless idiots! Nazarbayev is an asshole ! So is his corrupt clan !!!! Put country in debt trap to China, sells country’ s lands and minerals to China! Dictator must Free Kazakhstan people from Dictator Thief

Author — Les Miserables