Amazing Modern Road Construction Machines Technology - Fastest Ingenious Construction Worker

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- Fastest Ingenious Construction Worker, Fastest Brick Road Laying & paving machine
- Amazing Modern Road Construction Machines Technology

2. RP Systems - RoadPrinter bricklayer paving machine
3. STiM Company - Road marking machine
Tel: + 375 (162) 50-82-50.

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Man this guys back is going to be sore later, at least mine is and I haven’t touch a brick!

Author — Mike Barrett


Excelente máquina de construção de estradas de pavê, se tivéssemos em Moçambique, teríamos boas estradas com tecnologia de ponta e engenharia com rigor.

Author — Joao Mandlule


Seamless teamwork combined with epic machines. Love this.wish my job was like these ones.

Author — Josh Schneider


First clip is 2 1/2 mins too long and clip at about 7.30 has no place in this video at all 👎🏼

Author — RSScott


What a beautiful job.thank fir sharing 🥰

Author — Tina Truong


Le pavement d'une rue à la main ! Faut en avoir envie...

Author — Etienne ROUX


Working on design and construction on roadways in the state, for heavy traffic like expressways as well as local roads, this methods can be applied only to very low traffic in undeveloped countries. Nothing new.

Author — Edith Nogueira


Modern? I'm pretty sure line sprayers have been around for at least 50 years and laying pavers by hand maybe 2, 000 plus years.

Author — Richard McKrell


Is it possible in India? We have 130 crores population but lack of technology .

Author — Hippo pole


Road printer is awesome, brick loading method sucks though 🍺

Author — Drunk Dunc


This is just a training champ for the speed puzzling world championship.

Author — Fiercesoulking


The "Road Printer" looks cool, but it's only as fast as the workers. Kinda pointless

Author — levelseven


Humans are the greatest machines ever. (Damn it I have to take another shit, a fourth one and there are still many hours left in the day.)

Author — eugyero


Nel primo video come vuole si dimostrare da buona tradizione c'è sempre il pensionato che controlla!!😃

Author — Luigi Nocella


Das ist klar es würde Kommen, das weiß schon 25 Jahre zurück

Author — wolfgang boettcher


What happens when the machines break down?

Author — Matthew Owens


Kalutha vitta kutti sevuru. Naya vitta Nadu veetla mutiram. Madu vitta jalli cut. Atta vitta atta madi veedu.

Author — Venkat Babu


That criminal road crew has nice uniforms.

Author — Art Becher


Is that supposed to be impressive? Old tech with poor application. Look back up the road and see the huge gaps and proud blocks...

Author — robboncc1701


The honey comb is jacked up on the right side. Great work "tradesmen".

Author — Peter Petrakis