Noor ul Haq Qadri Speech in Kartarpur Corridor

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The Government of Pakistan has fulfilled a long-awaited demand of the Sikh community and Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to inaugurate today the extended Gurdwara Darbar Sahib and the Kartarpur Corridor.

Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, situated in Kartarpur, is the second holiest place for the Sikh community. This is 120 km away from Lahore and situated in a small village of Kotheypind at the bank of River Ravi — at a distance of only 4 km from Pakistan-India border.

This village is included in Shakargarh tehsil of Narowal district and the beautiful white Gurdwara looks elegantly placed between the grasslands.

It has been said in the agreement reached between Pakistan and India that daily five thousand Sikh yatris (pilgrims) will be allowed to visit the Gurdwara through the Corridor.

To facilitate the Sikh yatris, the government has installed 130 counters, where their passports will be confirmed or scanned, and permit will be verified.

Pilgrims will be charged $20 each under service charges. However, they will be exempted from paying the charges on the day of the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak.

After their immigration process is completed, the pilgrims will reach the Gurdwara by bus through the 4km-long Corridor.

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Really... Imaran khan saheb tusi great Thanks to all Pakistan from India.... Love you Pakistan...

Author — Ved Vishal


Thanks Pakistan for your clean and big heart. Every Sikh will praise and respect the PM Imran khan. Love from Mohali Punjab India ❤❤❤

Author — Harwinder Dullat


jnab norr sahib ji ki Sbse best speech Pakistan sei laghi positive speech thi from India

Author — Rattan Chand Rattan


In Punjab India, leaders sit would have sit on chairs on this happy and prosperous occasion, but here they are sitting as sangat. Salute

Author — Gurpreet Singh


Very well spoken minister sb good content of the speech

Author — sal sh


Imran khan Allah bless u giving beautiful image of Pakistan

Author — Shahid Ayub


Very nice speech, he is very good and intelligent Maulana.

Author — Shahrunnisa FAIZ


My congratulations to all Sikh community for opening of Kartarpur corridor

Author — Mohd Waris Khan


Hum pori zindgi Ehsanmand rahy gy Pakistan gov or Imran Khan saab ji ka allha waheguru onko tandrusti bakshy

Author — Rooh punjab Di


Sub Allah ke bande hain Allah pak sub ko hamisha khush rahin aameen
Imran khan zindabaad👍

Author — Arooj 111


Allah bless Mohtaram Imran Khan Saahab with good health and safety . May Allah keep him as prime Minister of Pakistan for next 10 years, InshaAllah. Aameen

Author — Shahrunnisa FAIZ


Allah pak tamam musalmano ke jaan, mal, izzatoabro or sab se bad kar iman ki hifazat farma. Qk aik musalman k liye islam se bari koi dolat nahi.

Author — Sadaf Anjum Shaikh


ऐ होता है हकिकत pak priminister इमरान खान

Author — A K


WAh wah hind ko jagaya towheed sey Allama Iqbal to guru Nanak .. kaha 100 crore ko khuda kehnay walay kaha towheedi mazahib ke rakhwalay

Author — computer savvy


After AKBAR, s Respect, This is the 1st Amazing & Highest HEARTiEST CELEBRATION By IMRAAN KHAAN & His Minister, s''THANKS PAKISTAN - 3****

Author — Balwinder Singh


Lovely gesture. May the two countries and peoples live in peace and botherhood as they did so before racist white british imperialists divide the land and peoples.

Author — the sensible one


Good job IK. You extended love, friendship and respect for the Sikh community all over the world.
Very much appreciated.

Author — Versa Trade


Assalamwalekum Moulana.
Very good speech.
Allah bless all of you in Pakistan.

Author — Jsj Dhhd


Thank you wise and intellectual open minded mulana ji, , sukhpreet Singh artist

Author — Sukpreet Singh Artist


Mashalla guru Nanak te saade pinda Pakistan de kaara vich tasveer vi laghi ya saade pir saan jo bi mazaab ho hai saade pir sa pira da te barda darja ey jisnu izaat kehne aa

Author — John irfan mehmet