Gutfeld on Bernie Sanders' socialist dreams

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Gutfeld on Bernie Sanders' socialist dreams4.5
It's the golden rule of socialism: When asked how it works, focus on the ends and skip the means. #TheFive #FoxNews

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Nothing's more expensive than "free" stuff.

Author — Tessian Rusu


He never answers the question. Just like all crooked politicians.



Juan and Bernie and everyone who wants everything free need to go to Venezuela

Author — karen hondow


Ask Juan how much of his money he is willing to pay right now to send someone to school for free!?

The older people Juan talks about have paid into SSI their entire lives so that THEY can use it later!

Author — Kris Bassett


I'd really love to have Juan walk up to a Veteran and tell them how they are benefiting from the VA.

Author — James O


I wonder if Juan is really as stupid as he "acts"

Author — Hypno Coosh


We should go back to apprenticeship programs.

Author — shiv0123456789


Will someone let Juan know that seniors paid for years for their Social Security and Medicare. It's not a hand out it's their own money taken for years out of their paychecks. Demonrats are so disingenuous, plain liars.

Author — Ines Almeyda


If Socialism is so wonderful why are our borders being over run?

Author — Michaela Roberts


Just like my birth country. 99 percent everyone was equal. Equally poor

Author — Yegor K


In Bernie's America, I'll never have as many houses and be as rich as him. Simple as that.

Author — Eric Garcia


Hey Juan, tax Amazon 100%. There's your 1st trillion. Amazon is gone, never to pay another cent and thousands out of work, but you got your 1st trillion.

Author — Tommy Baker


I paid full price for my bachelor’s degree, but yet it was monetarily “free” all I had to do was serve my country and be willing to die for it, that’s it 😉

Author — jigarzasu


The quality really drops when Juan opens his mouth. I really don’t think he hears himself.

Author — Dallas Wilson


Juan is a moron. I earned va benifits for years of military service. I paid into social security and Medicare. I was given nothing. He is the reason I rarely watch the 5.

Author — Michael Bapties


Waters is right we do that unconsciously...good looking people do well more often. That's a fact.

Author — Michael Maritato


Free university and free collage that's cuz Cuba it's doing so well

Author — Michael Daniel


Drinking game...take a shot every time Crazy Bernie says "Trump."
You'll be hammered in about 2 minutes.

Author — Nicksstuff


Bernie looks like the undertaker started to embalm him but only got halfway finished 🤯🤯🤯

Author — Mega12AX7


I guess nobody cares about the opinions of 35 - 54 year-olds. 2:46

Author — TXLionHeart