NEWS GANG | ‘One Kenya’, lots of politics

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Sorted, already had my two jabs, Pfizer Biontech batch no EE8492 -
10/01/2021 and ER1749 - 21/03/2021.
I had reaction to first dose for three days, fortunately no reaction to top up dose.
People should not be scared, take the opportunity before government will start charging for it.

Author — Oliver Wandera


"Politics keep mutating " Today's enemies are tomorrow 's friend. Gachuri aptly put. Wow!

Author — Aden Tohyare


Its Raila Odinga who can make William Ruto the President take it to the bank.Ruto alone will see a defeat he has never seen.

Author — Robi Tv


I cannot understand some people the jabs first priority should have been the infected is it not meant to save lives ama Wale wanaugua waendelee kukufa tu why vaccinate a healthy person when the wards are full some actions just bother my conscience

Author — tik tak


The debate is very helpful.Sheds some light on COVID jab/jabs.

Author — Simon Muriithi


Jamila havent you noticed that in Kenya even if you vote the leaders you want, still you will be foeced to have ''vifaranga vya computers'', right from the ward level? This is just Kenya.

Author — Richard Ouma


The problem with Kenya and Kenyans, they tribalize and politicize everything, even the things that should not be politicized. Shame.

Author — Malcolm Odoy


One jinga there is comparing vaccine hesitancy to England 1800. Can't tell the difference to Kenya 2021. Like England 1800 has Pokot.

Author — Mark Bates


The day we stop tribalism is the day we will have great leaders in Kenya!

Author — Chris Miyinzi Mwungu


yes those local parties will form a tsunami for u

Author — Alberto Niggar Wangamati


OMG. Legislation and Vaccination. Apart from quoting the Britain case, we have a Mandaory Vaccination for Yellow Fever/ Yellow Card. This is mandatory globally for anyone who wants to travel outside their national jurisdictions

Author — Tetralink Taylor & Associates


On politics you guys are really struggling

Author — bethuel tonui


Why do we have to sensitize people who have seen people dying of covid and there's a vaccine available to them...let them open the bracket to anyone wanting to be vaccinated to avoid expiry ..no need to beg people who are staring death on their faces

Author — mso rose


Too boring when you gang discuss about what you do not know about Corona 19 vaccine. You do well hitting Rutto political now and the past.

Author — Emmanuel Kipsang


I hope Ruto does not for any coalition with that sinking ODM party, he's better off, he knows baba way more than rest of us!

Author — Fly69 Jamual


Lmaooo.. 10 secs in.. can't watch this muppet shyt!!!! PASS!

Author — Dhark Knight


Take this vaccine back to where it came from... let them expire, bure kabisa.

Author — Ronnie Mboya